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Mitzi Johanknecht

Suspect in stolen car flees from stop and rams deputy’s police car


A SeaTac deputy spotted a stolen car at about 8:20pm at S 208 ST and International Blvd. When backup arrived the deputies tried to stop the car but it took off. The Deputies chased the car a short distance to a nearby apartment complex and tried to get the suspect to surrender. The suspect instead put the car in reverse and rammed one of the police cars trapping a deputy. His partner fired on the suspect.


SeaTac: A suspect rammed a deputy’s car trapping the deputy between a second police car.  His partner fired twice on the suspect.


Deputies removed the suspect from the car and immediately provided first aid for the wound to his head.  Medics arrived and treated the 17 y/o suspect who was taken to Harborview for non-life threatening injuries.


This started at 8:18pm when a deputy spotted a stolen car at S 208 ST and International Blvd.  Back up arrived and when they stopped the car, the suspect sped off.  Deputies pursued him into a dead end of an apartment complex. 


The deputies got out of their cars, told the suspect to surrender, but the suspect put the car into reverse ramming one of the patrol cars.  At about 8:20pm the Deputy reported shots fired.  The initial Twitter post of the suspect shooting at deputies was based on incorrect information. 


The stolen car was a 1996 white Lexus taken from Federal Way.  The involved deputy is 41 y/o and an 11 year veteran with the Sheriff’s Office and will be on leave pending the investigation.