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Deputy honored for stopping pursuit of Duvall Police shooting suspect


Join us when Deputy Toby Larson receives a national award, Stop Stick's "Hit of the Year," for ending a high speed pursuit of a suspect who was wanted in the shooting and wounding of a Duvall Police Sergeant. Deputy Larson was chosen from over 1,000 other successful 2014 deployments of this pursuit ending system which is what helped assist in the capture of this dangerous person.


Deputy Toby Larson will receive Stop Stick’s “Hit of the Year Award” for ending the high speed pursuit of a suspect who shot and wounded a Duvall Police Sergeant.

Sergeant Mike DeBock was shot by suspect Joshua Kramer after a traffic stop and fled. Deputy Larson successfully deployed a stop stick, disabling, and forcing the car off the highway where he was later captured on Sept. 16, 2014,

Join us when Adam Freeman of Stop Tech, LTD presents this national award to Deputy Larson. More than 1,000 successful deployment reports in 2014 were reviewed and based on the type of offense, success of the deployment, and impact to the community, the committee selected Deputy Larson.

This system has been in place for many years with the King County Sheriff’s Office and has been effective in ending pursuits by deflating the tires of a fleeing vehicle.

This system protects the public, deputies, and suspects involved in these dangerous situations by disabling the vehicle and significantly reducing the speed of vehicles involved in pursuits.


When:  1 PM, Thursday, May 21, 2015

Where:  Precinct 3 Community room, 22300 SE 231st ST Maple Valley, WA