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Sound Transit Police, working with Metro Transit police and private security arrest a 37 year old Seattle man after he was seen by citizens and captured on video, setting fire to a portion of the Beacon Hill Link Light Rail station. He was arrested and booked the same day as the incident for Reckless Burning.




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Date:  June 15th, 2015                                  


TNT Leads to Arrest of Arson Suspect


Seattle:  King County Sheriffs Deputies from the Metro Transit Police (MTP) and Sound Transit police (STP), using Technology and Teamwork, have arrested a man suspected of setting fire to a portion of a light rail station in Seattle.


A 37 year old Seattle man was booked into the King County Jail on June 11th, 2015 for Reckless Burning after he was arrested by MTP Deputies at a downtown Shelter.  MTP and STP Deputies, working together with Sound Transit security, Fare Enforcement officers, and Securitas security, quickly identified and located him after he started a fire that burned parts of the Beacon Hill LLR station in the early morning hours that same day.


In the early morning of June 11th, ST Fare Enforcement officers (FEO) contacted a 37year old man riding the LLR South through Seattle.  The man had not paid his fare and was cited and asked to leave the train at the Beacon Hill station.  The FEO took a photo of the man’s ID and noted his distinct clothing; a hoodie with fur on it and yellow bandana around his neck / face.  At the surface level of the Beacon Hill station, a Securitas officer was alerted by multiple, startled passengers that a man was “trying to firebomb the elevators.”  The Securitas officer notified KCSO/STP and went to the area and found evidence of a fire near the elevators.  STP were able to work with Link Control and review security footage from the area that was burned.  Using this video footage, they observed a man wearing a fur hoddie and yellow bandana spraying an unknown substance on parts of the building near the elevators and lighting it on fire before running off.  There was minor damage to the station and no injuries.  The suspects description was broadcast to other STP and MTP as well as FEO’s.  The FEO officer whom had contacted this man earlier, heard this info and recognized it as the same person.  The FEO notified STP of his earlier contact with the possible suspect.   With this info, STP put out a bulletin on the suspect notifying other STP & MTP deputies to locate and arrest the man.  At around 1:30pm that same day, MTP located and arrested the suspect.  At the time of arrest, he had a lighter and other burned items in his possession.  He was booked into KCJ for Reckless Burning


STP detectives as well as Seattle Fire Arson unit are completing follow-up investigation.