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Thorough investigation leads to prolific cat burglar arrest


Deputies respond to a report of a suspicious vehicle in a Newcastle neighborhood and find the car occupied by four males. An investigation and area check find a house with a family asleep inside was burglarized through an open second floor window. The four males are arrested and booked into jail for investigation of residential burglary.


Newcastle: Sheriff’s Deputies respond to a report of a suspicious car which leads to the arrests of four males suspected of burglarizing a nearby home.


Newcastle and Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two adult males from Kent and two juvenile males from Renton for investigation of residential burglary, all were booked into jail.  


on Sunday, April 26, at about 1:45 a.m., deputies responded to a residential neighborhood in Newcastle at the 11400 block of SE 83rd St and found a car occupied by four young males. A search of the area led to the discovery of a burglary of a nearby home. 


It was determined the males entered the house where a family was a sleep inside through an open second floor window after removing a screen. The car was impounded where a search warrant will be served to recover and return the families stolen property.


Newcastle Sheriff’s detectives are working to see if other cat burglaries in the city and in Renton are connected to the same suspects. With the warmer weather residents are encouraged to keep windows and doors locked and report any suspicious people or cars in their neighborhood.