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Since 1994, the Ethics Program has consistently identified education and training for county employees as its first goal and priority. To meet that goal, the Ethics Program provides a variety of training opportunities for county employees, elected officials, and board and commission members.

New Employee Orientations

The Ethics Program provides weekly, mandatory orientations for new county employees through the Benefits, Payroll, and Retirement Operations Section (BPROS). The orientations include an overview of the Code of Ethics and an introduction to the Ethics Program and the services it provides. New employees receive a summary of the Code of Ethics. New employees are encouraged to discuss ethics issues with their supervisors and use the Ethics Program as a helpful resource in their decision-making. To register for the new employee orientation, ask your supervisor to contact BPROS at

Informal Presentations By Request

The Ethics Program offers consultation and ethics education to departments by providing sessions tailored to the needs and schedules of the agency employees. These sessions may include 20 minute to two-hour presentations during regularly scheduled staff meetings that focus on ethics-related issues specific to, or identified by, the particular group. To arrange for a presentation for your agency, contact the Ethics Program at

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