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The King County Office of Risk Management Services investigates and works to resolve claims and lawsuits filed by residents who allege that they have been harmed by the negligent act(s) of the County or its employees.

To pursue a claim, you must file a Claim for Damages form with the King County Clerk of the Council. After the investigation, we will provide written notice of your claim status: accepted, considered in part as a compromise, or denied.

Claims process

  • Complete a King County Claim for Damages form. (Also available in Spanish/español, Chinese/中文, Russian/РусскийSomali/SoomaaliVietnamese/tiếng việt
    • If you prefer, we can mail you a Claim for Damages form. To obtain a form by mail, please contact the Office of Risk Management at 206-263-2250 and have your mailing address ready.

  • Sign your claim form as instructed on the form.
    • Insurers: When filing a claim on behalf of your company as a subrogee of your insured, please file with your business name and address at the top of the claim form and sign as a representative of your company.

  • Deliver or mail your original signed claim form along with any supporting documents to the King County Clerk of the Council at the address on the form.
    • Note: Unsigned forms, faxed copies, or non-original claim form documents will be returned without being processed.

  • Upon receipt of a properly completed Claim for Damages form, the Clerk of the Council will assign a number to your claim and the claim will be transmitted to Risk Management.

  • An investigator will be assigned to your claim to conduct an investigation, and will be in contact with you.

  • Upon conclusion of the investigation, we will provide written notice that either your claim has been accepted, considered in part as a compromise, or denied.

  • If your claim is accepted you will be required to sign a release and an IRS W-9 form before any payment can be processed.

  • After receipt of a signed release and W-9 form, payment can take up to ten business days.

Supporting documents

You may be asked to provide further documents supporting your claim. Since these documents may be required before a claim can be resolved, you may want to include them with your claim form.

Repair estimates/receipts

Please document your claim. Include estimates, photos, receipts, or any other documentation to support your loss.


Photographs supporting your claim may be included with your King County Claim for Damages form. Alternatively, you can submit digital photographs via email to your assigned investigator after the investigation has begun.

Other agency reports

If a collision report was filed with a law enforcement agency, you may want to request a copy to provide with your claim form. Please contact the responding agency for more information.

If a collision report was filed by the Washington State Patrol, you can request a copy through the WRECR (Washington Requests for Electronic Collision Reports) site.

Types of claims handled

  • General claims
    Bodily injury or property damage occurring on King County property or as a result of County operations. Examples: crashes involving King County vehicles, slips and falls on County property, water damage claims, jail property loss claims, or other types of claims.

  • King County Metro Transit, Sound Transit, Link Light Rail, and Seattle Streetcar claims
    Claims for injury or property damage involving King County Metro Transit, Sound Transit, Link Light Rail, or Seattle Streetcar vehicles.
    • Note: Sound Transit claims are processed similarly to King County Metro Transit claims, except that some Sound Transit routes are operated by King County Metro Transit, while others are operated by other transit agencies. In order for your claim to be processed, you will need to file with the proper agency. Contact Metro Customer Service to verify which transit agency operates a specific route.

  • Recovery claims
    When appropriate, the Office of Risk Management Services will pursue recovery claims against negligent third parties responsible for damage to King County property and/or injury to King County employees.


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