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Most King County offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 22-23, 2018, for the Thanksgiving holiday.  
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Note: We recently updated our records search application, with a new interface. Please refer to the search tips below, or watch the tutorial videos for information.

Most documents recorded on or after August 1, 1991 are available online. Documents that were recorded prior to August 1, 1991 are on microfilm and are only available from the King County Archives. Birth and death records, divorce records, property tax records, and property assessment records are not available at the King County Recorder's Office. Click on the quick links below to redirect you to the appropriate agency.

Tutorial Videos

How to search for recorded documents

Please note the Landmark Records Search application performs searches by name, document type, book and page number, consideration (selling price), parcel ID, recording date, recording number (also known as instrument number), legal, and Torrens. Advanced legal and marriage search are also available.

  1. Click the green "Begin Search" button.

  2. Click the icon for the type of search you want. You must accept the disclaimer to proceed to the detailed search window.

  3. To search by Party Name: When searching for a document, make sure to enter the full name of the buyer, seller, giver, debtor, or lender in the "Name" field. When searching for a Name type in last name comma first name. "Party Type" field is automatically defaulted to "Both" but can be changed to Grantor or Grantee in the dropdown for a more specific search if desired. After you click "Submit," a list of documents containing that name will appear in the search grid below. Most people have a limited number of documents under their name, so bringing up a list of all the documents under the name will enable you to locate the one you are searching for.

    If you have a common name or you have found too many documents listed under the Name, you can refine your search by narrowing the date in which the document was filed. Enter the full name (last name, first name) in the Name search criteria, then go to Begin Date and add in the oldest date you want to search, followed by the End Date and add in the most recent date you want to search. You also have options to filter down by Document Type or Document Category.

  4. To search by Parcel ID: If you know the King County Assessor's Tax Account Number (parcel number) for a property, you can enter the first ten digits in the "Parcel ID" field, leaving the "Starts With" field alone. All documents associated with this tax parcel will be listed. Note: searching by a tax parcel number will only pull up recorded documents from 1997 to current. Since the online records database cannot search by address, you can visit the King County Geographical Information Systems (KCGIS) Parcel Viewer to obtain the parcel number.

  5. To search by Recording Number: It is helpful to know that the terms recording number and auditor's file number are interchangeable. In addition, the first eight numbers reflect the year, month and date a document was submitted for recording, followed by the day's processing number. For example, on Recording Number 19980125000355, the document was recorded January 25, 1998 and it was the 355th document received by the office on that day.

  6. To view the data and image of a document from your query results, click on the document line item of your choice. This will bring up the document details along with the image. Use the "View" and "Print" icons above the document image for additional options. If no image exists or the image is not available online, it will read "No image available." Use the red "Back to Search/Result" icon to return to your original search results page.
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