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CASE UPDATES: March 12, 2014


State v. Jose Gonzalez-Leos. . .State v. Clarence White. . .State v. Donald Plute


Case Updates: March 12, 2014

Man Charged in Death of Ex-Girlfriend’s Mother: State v. Jose Gonzalez-Leos:  A Seattle man was charged last week with Murder in the First Degree for the alleged murder of his ex-girlfriend’s mother in December 2013.  Jose Gonzalez-Leos, 20, is accused of beating and strangling Nga Nguyen and hiding her body in the bedroom closet of her West Seattle home.  The defendant allegedly had been showing up uninvited at the victim’s home which she shared with her daughter.  He allegedly entered the apartment through a second-story window and confronted the victim.  DNA testing helped solve the murder.  If convicted as charged, the defendant faces a sentence range of 20 to 26 years in prison.  He remains in jail on $2 million bail pending arraignment on March 19.  The case is being handled by Senior DPA Scott O’Toole.


Pimp Sentenced to 10 Years: State v. Clarence White:  A violent pimp was sentenced to a statutory maximum sentence of ten years in prison for forcing two women into prostitution.  Clarence White, 48, pled guilty to Promoting Prostitution First Degree, Assault Fourth Degree, Violation of a No Contact Order, Tampering with a Witness and Possession of Cocaine.  He would regularly beat the two women and prevent them from leaving the residence.  One of the victims reported being kicked and punched by White.  In another assault, he hit the other woman in the eye with a cell phone and dragged her down a flight of stairs, and he supplied both of the women with drugs to control them.  The case was handled by DPAs LaKeysha Washington and Amena Jefferson, and victim advocates Emily Elting, Lena Johnson, and Wendy Ross.


Sentencing for Repeat Car Thief: State v. Donald Plute:  King County Prosecutors will be seeking a sentence of ten years and eight months in prison for repeat car thief Donald M. Plute, who pled guilty last month as charged to several charges in connection with the theft of a truck that he used to ram two occupied vehicles, including a police car, in West Seattle last August.  Plute, 23, who has a long criminal history, pled guilty to Robbery First Degree, two counts of Assault Second Degree, and Attempting to Elude a Pursuing Police Vehicle.  Some of his prior felony convictions include Burglary, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Theft, and Attempting to Elude Police.  Plute is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday in King County Superior Court.  The case was handled by Senior DPA Alex Voorhees.

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