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CASE UPDATES: February 19, 2014


State v. Jorge Lizarraga...State v. David Lainez...Juvenile Gang Member Sentenced to 5 years in Violent Carjacking


Case Updates: Febuary 19, 2014

Kent Murder Defendant Sentenced to 38 Years in Prison: State v. Jorge Lizarraga: Jorge Lizarraga was sentenced earlier this month to 38 years in prison for the murder of 18-year-old Devin Topps on Halloween 2010 in Kent. Topps was a well-known student and athlete at Kentridge High School. Lizarraga, 23, has a significant criminal history and based upon those prior convictions and the murder conviction, prosecutors requested a sentence of 38 years in prison. A jury in December convicted Lizarraga of Murder in the Second Degree with a Firearm Enhancement. The jury also returned guilty verdicts on several other charges, including Residential Burglary, Theft of a Firearm, Possession of a Stolen Firearm, and two counts of Violation of the Uniformed Firearms Act First Degree. Today’s sentencing is consecutive to a seven-year prison term he received in August 2012 after pleading guilty to several other criminal charges. The case was handled by Senior DPA Jessica Berliner and DPA Jerry Taylor.

Man who Stalked Barista Sentenced to 5 years in Prison: State v. David Lainez: A Bellevue man was sentenced on Friday to a maximum sentence of five years in prison for repeatedly stalking a local barista. The defendant, David Lainez, 30, was previously convicted of harassing the victim when she worked at a coffee stand in Newcastle. Lainez and the woman never had any sort of relationship, and despite the victim repeatedly telling him to leave her alone and obtaining an anti-harassment order, Lainez continued stalking her. He would repeatedly show up at her work and call her against her wishes. In a 2011 incident, the defendant chased her through the parking lot until she was able to escape into the espresso stand and call 911. In March 2012, he showed up at her workplace, demanded to be let in, and attempted to open a door which was locked. She had to quit her job out of fear for her safety. In June, just four days after his release from jail, the defendant tracked her down at her new place of employment, and while being arrested, he assaulted two police officers. The defendant pled guilty to Felony Stalking with a Rapid Recidivism Aggravator and two counts of Assault Fourth Degree for assaulting two police officers. The case was handled by DPA LaKeysha Washington and Victim Advocate Emily Elting.

Juvenile Gang Member Sentenced to 5 years in Violent Carjacking: A fourteen-year-old boy has been sentenced to five years at the Department of Juvenile Rehabilitation for a violent, armed carjacking last year in Seattle. The juvenile, who was 13 at the time of the robbery and a prominent gang member, pleaded guilty last month to Robbery in the First Degree, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the First Degree and Attempting to Elude a Pursuing Police Vehicle. Sheriff’s Deputies spotted the stolen vehicle the following day. When they activated their lights and siren, the respondent tried to speed away. The juvenile crashed the vehicle and was arrested. The case was handled by DPA Kate Meyers and was investigated by gang detectives from the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriff’s Office.

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