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Our office can not assist you in filing your divorce. The King County Superior Court website may be helpful to get the forms or information you need to start the process.

If you or your client are divorcing in King County and a child of the marriage has or is receiving welfare benefits, (medical benefits or cash public assistance benefits - not including daycare assistance), our office may have a financial interest in your divorce and may enter a notice of appearance in the divorce action in order to protect any financial interests that may be owed to the State of Washington. 

If you are unsure whether State benefits have been received, contact the Family Support Division to have the case screened to see whether or not benefits have been expended by the State, at: 

Seattle: 206-296-9020
Kent: 206-296-9595

If benefits have been expended, you or your client will need to obtain the signature of a deputy prosecuting attorney in order to finalize the decree of dissolution.

Your next court date should be written on your last court order.   If you do not have your last court order, you can either:

  • Contact the Court Calendar Confirmation line at:

    Seattle: 206-296-9340
    Kent: 206-205-2550

  • If you are represented, you can contact your attorney.

  • If you are not represented, you can call our office and ask to speak with the paralegal or attorney handling your case, at:

  • Seattle: 206-296-9020
    Kent: 206-296-9595

Child care is available during all court hours at the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.   Visit the King County Superior Court website for more information.

No child care is available at the downtown courthouse.

Original court documents are filed in the Superior Court Clerk’s Office, located in Room E609 of the King County Courthouse, in Seattle, and Room 2C of the Maleng Regional Justice Center, in Kent. 

Visit the King County Superior Court website for more information.

If you need to make a payment towards your child support, you have a few options:

  1. Send in a check or money order to:

    Washington State Support Registry
    P. O. Box 45868
    Olympia, WA   98504
    Payments MUST include:  your name, address, and case number

  2. Drop off a payment to the King County Clerk's Office (6th floor of the King County Courthouse, 2nd floor of the Regional Justice Center).   Make sure to get and retain the receipt you are given by the clerk for your payment.

  3. Drop off a payment to your local Division of Child Support office or to our Family Support Division offices in Kent or Seattle.

For more information about paying child support visit Division of Child Support (DCS)(external link).

Call a domestic violence victim advocate from our office:

King County Courthouse, Room W554 (Downtown Seattle)
516 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104-2312
206-205-8329 FAX
Driving directions

Maleng Regional Justice Center, Kent (South King County)
401 Fourth Avenue, Room 2B
Kent, WA 98032-4429
Driving directions

Call 1-800-562-5624 (Children or Families at Risk) and you will be directed to the appropriate office.

If it is an emergency, you should call 911 for police assistance.

In downtown Seattle, you may visit the Administration Building, Recorder's Office:

500 Fourth Avenue, Room 430
Seattle, WA 98104-2396
206-296-4027 FAX
206-296-2709 TDD

Visit the King County Marriage Licensing website for other locations. 

Visit Vital Statistics - Birth and Death Records in person:

900 Jefferson Street, 2nd Floor
Seattle, WA
1-800-325-6165, ext. 64768 Toll-free.

Visit the King County Vital Statistics website for more information.

Our office does not handle parental termination cases.

For more information about those cases please contact the Washington State Attorney General’s Office (external link) or seek the advice of a private attorney.

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