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Arson dog news release


Washington's newest arson dog team part of King County Fire Marshal's Office


Washington's newest arson dog team part of King County Fire Marshal's Office

King County's newest arson detector is a two-year-old yellow lab named Misti. Though Misti flunked out of seeing eye dog school for being too tenacious, that skill has made her very effective at sniffing out fire accelerants often used in arson crimes.

The King County Fire Marshal's Office, a division of King County's Department of Development and Environmental Services, is hosting a news conference at 10 a.m., Wednesday, November 1, 2006, at their offices at 900 Oakesdale Avenue Southwest, Renton.

During the press conference, Misti, a yellow lab, and her handler Assistant Fire Marshal Lawrence Canary will demonstrate Misti's skills, as they search through the crowd for any trace of flammable liquids.

Misti is 1,000 times more sensitive than any laboratory equipment in discovering if flammable liquids are present at the scene of a fire. Often times these materials, called accelerants, are used by arsonists to start and intensify fires.

King County Executive Ron Sims said, "Misti is a champion for justice. We are happy to welcome her to the King County fold. I understand she is a great co-worker." Misti and her training at the Maine State Police Academy were funded by a grant from State Farm Insurance.

The King County Fire Investigation Unit serves all of unincorporated King County, and sixteen contract cities.

For additional information, please contact King County Fire Marshal John Klopfenstein at 206-296-7071.