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What is the purpose of a road standards or drainage adjustment variance?

Variances from road or drainage standards must be documented and may be granted provided that granting the variance will produce a compensating or comparable result which is in the public interest, and meet the objectives of safety, function, fire protection, and maintainability based upon sound engineering judgment.

Granting any variance that would be in conflict with the requirements of any other King County Code will require a separate review and approval process. Administrated by the Department of Permitting and Environmental Review by the legal authority of Chapter 9.08 and Chapter 14.42 of the King County Code. For questions, please contact the customer service at 206-296-6600.

How much will it cost?

See the Permitting Department's current fee schedule for an estimate.

Where can I get an application?

What is the timeline for processing this type of request?

Decision type 1: 120 days.
Decision type 2 if in conjunction with a short plat application.

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