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King County will render a formal interpretation of a development regulation upon request (see Chapter 2.100 (PDF*, 611KB) of the King County Code). To request an interpretation, please use the Code Interpretation Request form, PDF format.

Code Interpretations by Subject

Subject Interpretation
Accessory Dwelling Units L02CI004 (PDF*, 93KB)
L05CI001 (PDF*, 97KB)
Agricultural Drainage L12CI004 (PDF)
Agriculture Zone L04CI004 (PDF*, 126KB)
Aquatic area buffers/expansion of building  (9-03-15)  (PDF*)
Binding Site Plans L07CI003 (PDF*, 144KB)
Boarding house  (5-28-15)  (PDF*)
Boundary Line Adjustment L02CI003 (PDF*, 116KB)
Condominium Declarations L07CI003 (PDF*, 144KB)
Critical Areas
Agricultural Activities L09CI001 (PDF*, 417KB)
Agricultural Drainage Maintenance L12CI004 (PDF)
Enhancement or restoration L04CI001 (PDF*, 101KB)
Exemptions L04CI002 (PDF*, 99KB)
Flood Hazard Areas L09CI003 (PDF*, 181KB)
Heat exchanger L12CI002 (PDF)
Home Occupation  (7-9-15), (9-03-15)  
Landscape business  (7-9-15)   (PDF*)
Lighting for athletic fields  (8-06-15)  (PDF*)
Partial Exemptions L03CI002 (PDF*, 9KB)
Stream relocations L04CI001 (PDF*, 101KB)
Wetland alterations L04CI001 (PDF*, 101KB)
Wetland mitigation L08CI001 (PDF*, 166KB)
Agricultural Drainage L12CI004 (PDF)
Apartment L02CI001 (PDF*, 70KB)
Dormitory L02CI001 (PDF*, 70KB)
Organization Hotel/Lodging House L02CI001 (PDF*, 70KB)
Private Road L02CI002 (PDF*, 97KB)
Densities and Dimensions
Minimum lot width L03CI001 (PDF*, 96KB)
Fire Code
Pervious concrete L03CI005 (PDF*, 140KB)
Home Occupations
Allowed activities L07CI004 (PDF*, 247KB)
Non-resident employees L04CI003 (PDF*, 104KB)
Parking, heavy equipment L04CI003 (PDF*, 104KB)
Lot recognition L08CI002 (PDF*, 264KB)
Nonconforming Use
Expansion L07CI002 (PDF*, 175KB)
Permitted Uses
Munitions Storage L09CI002 (PDF*, 92KB)
Private Swimming Pool Construction Standards L05CI002 (PDF*, 100KB)
P-Suffix Conditions
Native Growth Protection Buffer L08CI004 (PDF*, 199KB)
Race Tracks
Motocross L04CI004 (PDF*, 126KB)
Residential Accessory Uses L03CI003 (PDF*, 88KB)
Road Standards L02CI002 (PDF*, 97KB)
Private swimming pool enclosure L05CI002 (PDF*, 100KB)
Special District Overlays
Substandard lots  (5-14-15)  (PDF*)
Building Heights L08CI003 (PDF*, 197KB)
Pervious concrete L03CI005 (PDF*, 140KB)
Circumvention of zoning prohibited L02CI003 (PDF*, 116KB)
Zoning Code
Covered Sales Area L10CI003 (PDF*)
Interim Recycling Facility L10CI001 (PDF*, 62KB)
Kennel-free dog day care L08CI005 (PDF*, 312KB)
Retail Nursery L10CI003 (PDF)
Signs L08CI005 (PDF*, 312KB)

Code Interpretations by Code Section

Code Section Interpretation
9.04.020 L03CI005 (PDF*, 140KB)
16.70.020 L05CI002 (PDF*, 100KB)
16.82.050C L02CI002 (PDF*, 97KB)
17.04.01018 L03CI005 (PDF*, 140KB)
19A.08.070 L08CI002 (PDF*, 264KB)
19A.08.180 L02CI003 (PDF*, 116KB)
19A.12.050 L02CI004 (PDF*, 93KB)
19A.20.030 L07CI003 (PDF*, 144KB)
19A.24.020 L07CI003 (PDF*, 144KB)
21A.04.030 L04CI004 (PDF*, 126KB)
L05CI001 (PDF*, 97KB)
21A.06.330 L02CI001 (PDF*, 70KB)
21A.06.355 L02CI001 (PDF*, 70KB)
21A.06.640 L10CI001 (PDF*, 62KB)
21A.08 L09CI002 (PDF*, 92KB)
21A.08.030 L03CI003 (PDF*, 88KB)
21A.08.030A L02CI001 (PDF*, 70KB)
21A.08.030B7 L02CI004 (PDF*, 93KB)
21A.08.050 L03CI003 (PDF*, 88KB)
L08CI005 (PDF*, 312KB)
L10CI001 (PDF*, 62KB)
21A.08.060B.34  (7-9-15)   (PDF*)
21A.08.070B.1 L10CI003 (PDF*)
21A.08.100 L04CI004 (PDF*, 126KB)
21A.12.030 L05CI002 (PDF*, 100KB)
21A.12.050 L03CI001 (PDF*, 96KB)
21A.20.060 L08CI005 (PDF*, 312KB)
21A.12.100 (5-14-15)  (PDF*)
21A.12.220.B (8-06-15)  (PDF*)



(9-03-15)  (PDF*)

(9-03-15) (7-9-15)

21A.24.045 L09CI001 (PDF*, 417KB)
L12CI002 (PDF*)
21A.24.050 L04CI002 (PDF*, 99KB)
21A.24.051 L09CI001 (PDF*, 417KB)
21A.24.060 L03CI002 (PDF*, 97KB)
21A.24.133 L08CI001 (PDF*, 166KB)
21A.24.240 L09CI003 (PDF*, 181KB)
21A.24.250 L09CI003 (PDF*, 181KB)
21A.24.330 L04CI001 (PDF*, 101KB)
21A.24.335 L08CI001 (PDF*, 166KB)
21A.24.370 L04CI001 (PDF*, 101KB)
21A.30.080 L03CI003 (PDF*, 88KB)
21A.30.080 L04CI003 (PDF*, 104KB)
21A.30.085 L07CI004 (PDF*, 247KB)
21A.30.090 L03CI003 (PDF*, 88KB)
21A.32.065 L07CI002 (PDF*, 175KB)
21A.36.100 L08CI003 (PDF*, 197KB)
23.02.040 L09CI001 (PDF*, 417KB)
P-Suffix SV-P36 L08CI004 (PDF*, 199KB)

Code Interpretations by Year

Year Interpretation
2012 L12CI002 (PDF)
L12CI004 (PDF)
2010 L10CI001 (PDF*, 62KB)
L10CI003 (PDF)
2009 L09CI001 (PDF*, 417KB)
L09CI002 (PDF*, 92KB)
L09CI003 (PDF*, 181KB)
2008 L08CI001 (PDF*, 166KB)
L08CI002 (PDF*, 264KB)
L08CI003 (PDF*, 197KB)
L08CI004 (PDF*, 199KB)
L08CI005 (PDF*, 312KB)
2007 L07CI002 (PDF*, 175KB)
L07CI003 (PDF*, 144KB)
L07CI004 (PDF*, 247KB)
2005 L05CI001 (PDF*, 97KB)
L05CI002 (PDF*, 100KB)
2004 L04CI001 (PDF*, 101KB)
L04CI002 (PDF*, 99KB)
L04CI003 (PDF*, 104KB)
L04CI004 (PDF*, 126KB)
2003 L03CI001 (PDF*, 96KB)
L03CI002 (PDF*, 97KB)
L03CI003 (PDF*, 88KB)
L03CI005 (PDF*, 140KB)
2002 L02CI001 (PDF*, 70KB)
L02CI002 (PDF*, 97KB)
L02CI003 (PDF*, 116KB)
L02CI004 (PDF*, 93KB)

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To request this information in alternate formats for people with disabilities, call 206-296-6600 or TTY Relay: 711.