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Department of Local Services, Permitting Division, permitting activity that may be of special interest to the public due to their nature, size or location

Project Type of Proposal NOA Mailed Notes 


Lakeside Industries Asphalt Plan

Construction of new asphalt plant with associated parking and drainage facilities. Site clean up and widening of SR-169 and a new drive way to the site. See also SHOR18-0032.

Contact: Fereshteh Dehkordi, 206-477-0375 or


Lakeside Industries Asphalt Plant Building Permit COMM18-0014


Vashon Shellfish Tramp Harbor

 New commercial shellfish operation on private tidelands. Oysters and clams to be grown in bags attached to ropes anchored to the beach. The operation will be tended weekly and harvested throughout the year, by hand without mechanized equipment. Maintenance and harvest will take place at low tides, day or night. Lights will be used when harvesting at night. Parking will be along Chautauqua Beach Rd SW.

Contact: Laura Casey, 206-477-0368, or Nancy Hopkins, 206-477-0331,


Vashon Shellfish Tramp Harbor SHOR18-0037



Lakeside Transportation Facility

Construction of a new driveway to the proposed new asphalt plant and within the shoreline boundary. See also Permit COMM18-0014.

Contact: Fereshteh Dehkordi, 206-477-0375 or

Lakeside Industries Shoreline Substantial Development Permit SHOR18-0032

Expansion and reclamation of previously approved filling and grading of the property. Expansion includes modification to Trenches A, D, E, F and filling and grading of Trenches B, C, G, H, I, J, and K to return the property to forestry use.

Contact: Fereshteh Dehkordi, 206-477-0375 or

09-21-2018  Ravensdale Reclamation GRDE18-0114


Special Use Permit (SUP) for Treehouse Resort & Spa


A destination resort consisting of 48 treehouses and ground houses units, approximately 11,100 sq. ft. of commercial buildings that include restaurant/bar, spa, and meeting center together with100 parking stalls. This proposal includes total of 36 special events for resort guests and their invited guests up to maximum 200 attendees and 156 tours with maximum 40 attendees per year.

Contact: Sherie Sabour 206-477-0367 or


Comment Period Ends:


Status: A public hearing before the King County Hearing Examiner is required for this application. Notification of the public hearing date will occur approximately 30-days prior to the scheduled hearing date.

Treehouse Resort & Spa LUT417-0004



Pacific Raceways

Excavation of 1,000,000 cubic yards of gravel and construction of approximately 205,000 sq. ft. of commercial/industrial space in six buildings ranging in size from 5,000 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq. ft. 01-05-18   

Comment Period Ends:


Notification of likely Determination of Non-Significance sent 01/05/18

Pacific Raceways Documents LUT417-003


Enumclaw Recycling Center

Clearing and grading of approximately 34 acres of a 102-acre site (3 parcels) to develop a material processing facility for processing of land clearing and landscaping material. The proposal includes construction of an office and a shop and associated drainage and access improvements. The application covers future use of site for material processing operations.

Contact: Project Manager, Fereshteh Dehkordi, at - 206-477-0375


Comment Period extended to 11/24/17

Enumclaw Recycling Center Site Improvements-GRDE17-0075


Maple Valley Asphalt Facility




This is a two phase project to develop the site for an asphalt plant. The first phase includes site preparation for the future asphalt plant. Grading activities include removal of stockpiles, excavation of petroleum contaminated soils, and backfill with clean soils. The construction of the future asphalt plant will require a separate building permit. Approximately 8.55 acres of the total 25-acre site are included in this grading permit.

Contact: Project Manager, Fereshteh Dehkordi, at - 206-477-0375

This file is cancelled. Review of this project will be under building permit. 


Comment Period extended to 11/24/17

Maple Valley Asphalt Facility GRAD17-0069


Raging River Quarry

Periodic Review (PRRD) and Permit Revision

A 5-year interval review conducted by DPER to evaluate whether the site is operating consistent with all existing permit conditions and that the most current site design and operating standards are applied through additional or revised permit conditions to mitigate identifiable environmental impacts (KCC 21A.22.050). 

Contact: Amanda Reeck, at - 206-263-5783


PRRD Appeal Period Ended: 10/09/2017

Actions: Final PRRD was posted 9/15/2017.

Permit revision application under review

Blasting Schedule: See ERP website to be added to the blasting advisory list.

Raging River GRDE15-0004 Reports


Raging River Quarry

Mining Expansion

 A request to expand the area available for mining extraction by additional 25.83 acres. Expansion area includes KC parcel #222407-9033.

Contact: Fereshteh Dehkordi 206-477-0375 or


Comment Period Ends: 05/27/16

Status: Notification of likely Determination of Significance sent 3/27/17.

Raging River Quarry Reports GRDE15-0166

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