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Our lobby services are closed, Customer Service Bulletin. All permit applications can now be submitted online.

King County Permits has suspended lobby services in our Snoqualmie and Vashon Island offices. See available and alternative services

To ensure the safety of all customers and staff members, King County employees are following Public Health-Seattle & King County guidance and the Governor’s pandemic guidelines.

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The Code Enforcement Section investigates complaints regarding violations of King County Codes (KCC) related to zoning, building, property maintenance, shorelines and critical areas in unincorporated King County as outlined in KCC Title 23.

NOTICE: The information contained in complaints is a public record subject to disclosure under the Washington Public Records Act (RCW42.56) and may be requested and inspected by any person. The identity of a complaining party (complainant) may be withheld from public inspection at the Agency's discretion if the complainant indicates that disclosure will endanger any person's life, physical safety, or property. However, if a court case is filed as a result of this complaint, the complainant's identity may be disclosed regardless of a request that it be withheld.

Property must be in unincorporated King County

If unsure, check jurisdiction and zoning.

View links to local cities and towns, (external link).

step 2

Provide accurate information 

Provide specific, accurate, and complete information in addition to your name and phone number. Include the address or parcel number of the property in violation, name of the property owner, name of the tenant if the property is leased, and description of the violation.

Your name and phone number are NOT required. If you wish to remain confidential, you must state that in your complaint.

step 3

Identify the Violation

  • Accumulation of junk and debris
  • Clearing or grading without permits
  • Construction without a permit
  • Dangerous or open-to-entry buildings
  • Illegally placed mobile homes or factory-assembled structures
  • Irresponsible or hazardous development
  • Livestock infractions
  • Open wells and other hazardous conditions
  • Operation of an illegal business
  • Substandard housing
  • Storage of junk cars
  • Zoning code infractions

We do not enforce property line disputes, hazardous trees on adjacent properties or tenant - landlord disputes.