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Your rights and responsibilities

Required Medical Documentation: A correctional facility is a unique and challenging environment. The Department needs to ensure that employees are capable of performing their essential functions without undue risk to themselves or others after a medical leave of absence.

The Department requires employees who have missed at least 3 full days of work for a medical condition to submit an essential functions form stating whether the employee is released to full duty work or if they have return to work restrictions, with the exception of KCCG members, who must submit an essential functions form after missing at least 5 full days of work for a medical condition. The Department reserves the right to require any employee to submit medical documentation when “there is a specific concern regarding the validity of an employee’s absence or ability to safely return to work”.

To ensure no delay in your return to work, the essential functions form must be received before close of business one business day before your planned return to work. Upon receipt, DAJD Human Resources will inform you of its receipt and inform the facility management by email whether there is a full duty release or medical restrictions. Please DO NOT return to work until your release has been cleared through DAJD Human Resources.


Return to work on Transitional (light) Duty

Transitional duty previously was referred to as light duty. The purpose of transitional duty is to enable the employee to perform some of their essential functions while they recuperate and transition back to performing their full duties, including having predictable/reliable attendance and working mandatory overtime. The transitional duty assignment is subject to availability and based on the restrictions of the employee. Pre-approved posts for Correctional Officers are the control posts, reception for Correctional Technicians and central control for Detention Officers.

If you are seeking transitional duty, please have your doctor fill out the essential functions form indicating what tasks you are medically restricted from performing, and complete all requested information

In most cases, transitional duty may last no longer than six months while you transition back to full duty. Updated information is needed every two months to document your progress towards performing your essential functions. If you have medical restrictions which impact your ability to perform the essential functions of your job longer than 6 months or on a permanent basis, a referral to Disability Services may be made to address job accommodations.

If a return to work release is completed by the same health care provider who filled out your essential functions form, a simple memo or prescription pad note is sufficient. If you are released to full-duty work by another health care provider, then a new essential functions form needs to be completed by that health care provider. Return to work information must be faxed to DAJD Human Resources BEFORE you can be released to work or back to full-duty. The Captains may allow a Corrections Officer or Technician to work up to 3 days in a transitional duty post while DAJD Human Resources obtains further medical information. If no information is received by Human Resources within 3 days, then you are taken off work on sick leave until the documentation is received.