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Your rights and responsibilities

When you are on a medical leave of absence and have exhausted paid leave accruals, there are other benefits available which may allow you to receive some income

Once you have exhausted your FMLA and KCFML benefits, if you still need an unpaid leave of absence for medical reasons, you must submit a written request in advance of the end of your job protected leave. You may be required to work with King County Disability Services for medical verification issues. If your unpaid leave is 30 days or less in length, the Director of DAJD can approve the leave. The Director of the Human Resources Division must approve any leave over 30 days. An approved leave would only give you an approved absence for the time frame but would NOT extend your FMLA/KCFML rights or medical benefits. Once the form is completed please submit it to DAJD Human Resources to forward to the Director.

If you take a day off work and do not have sufficient leave balance, you will be in a “no pay” status. The Adult Division of DAJD has a No Pay policy whereby employees are disciplined for taking a leave without sufficient balance. Please refer to your last pay check stub for an accurate balance of your accrued leave before taking a day off on sick, vacation, compensation or holiday leave.

When you are on an extended leave of absence for medical reasons whether it’s FMLA, KCFML or a Leave of Absence Without Pay, it is important that you remain available to communicate with the department about your status. It is your responsibility to ensure that Human Resources knows how to contact you during any absence and you call your supervisor to get off the schedule.

During FMLA/KCFML if you are in a no pay status, you will only receive medical, dental and vision benefits and can continue to receive Life/AD&D/LTD insurance by self-paying by check or money order. If you are in a paid status due to your own accrued or donated leave, then you will receive full benefits as though you were still working.

Other benefits: Some benefits will expire when you are no longer in a paid status. These are Life, Long-term Disability or Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance coverage. These benefits will terminate during ANY unpaid leave WHETHER OR NOT protected by FMLA/KCFML. You may be able to continue these benefits during an unpaid medical leave by paying the premiums. Contact Benefits and Retirement Operations at 206-684-1556 if you wish to continue these benefits during an unpaid medical leave.

If you do not yet qualify for FMLA/KCFML leave and you or an immediate family member has a serious health condition, you can request a leave without pay from the DAJD Director. Approval or denial of your Leave Without Pay request is at the Director’s discretion. Contact DAJD Human Resources at 206-477-2400 for further information. This form should be submitted directly to DAJD Human Resources for processing. The Leave of Absence Without Pay request form can be found on King County’s Taking Leave webpage.