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Investing in YOU prioritizes work in six areas:


Workplace Culture


We’re embracing a mindset of mutual trust and respect, of equity and opportunity, to build a fair, diverse and supportive workplace.


Every employee is engaged, experiences trust and respect, is treated with dignity, and is confident to perform at their best.


  • Learn from and respond to what employees said in our annual employee engagement surveys.
  • Improve workplace conflict management systems to be more equitable, accessible, agile and focused upstream.
  • Provide opportunities countywide for "Leading with Racial Justice" conversations.

Learning and Growth


We provide training and stretch opportunities, help you plot a career path, and give you the support and resources you need so you can go where your passion and talent lead you.


We establish a shared commitment and resources to grow every employee’s talent.


  • Provide easier access to online learning resources, including new navigation and single sign-on to KC eLearning.
  • Launch a countywide mentoring program.
  • Provide greater support for employee development planning.

Health, Well-Being and Safety


Our health and well-being program provides comprehensive medical coverage for you and your family and activities and programs to support your health, and we’re keeping you safe at work with programs to eliminate hazards, prevent injuries and protect your safety.


We promote the health, well-being and safety of all employees.


  • Through Balanced You, our new employee health and well-being program, focus on increasing access, choice, and relevance.
  • Work with department and division leaders to reduce the rate of days lost from injury.
  • Educate employees about all their health choices and ensure they have the confidence and tools to select a plan that is best for them and their families.

Racially Diverse and Culturally Responsive at All Levels


We’re bringing an equity and social justice lens to everything we do so that every person in our workplace has a fair shot at success and we reflect the diversity of the people we serve at all levels of the organization. 


We attract, develop and retain a more racially diverse and culturally responsive workforce at all levels: leadership, management and staff.


  • Utilize our new hiring toolkit, “Hiring an Excellent Workforce,” to make sure our hiring processes are fair, equitable and free of unnecessary obstacles and barriers.  
  • Identify key strategic positions for recruitment of diverse candidates from historically underrepresented groups.
  • Implement a strategy for ensuring racial and gender diversity in leadership in the top 20% of all positions in every department countywide.

Total Compensation


We recognize the value of our people through competitive pay and a unique package of flexible, employee benefits.


Our total compensation (wages, benefits, leaves and retirement contributions) is competitive, sustainable and equitable.


  • Bargain and implement our first Master Labor Agreement with the Joint Labor Coalition. 
  • Develop Executive branch labor guiding principles for wages and working conditions to increase alignment.
  • Standardize wages and working conditions across all labor agreements (79 total).

Business Systems and Operations


We’re improving the connectivity of business processes, data, policies and contracts to ensure a seamless personnel management experience that works for you.


Workplace processes and systems support and improve the employee experience from recruitment through retirement.


  • Help PeopleSoft users get the most out of its modules through new training, audits and system improvements.
  • Improve applicant and HR hiring experience by implementing an easier applicant tracking system interfaced with PeopleSoft.
  • Support the work to streamline job classifications by embedding them into Peoplesoft, eliminating the need for side systems.