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The King County Farms and Food Roundtable was created by three sponsoring organizations: King County, the City of Seattle, the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority. The sponsors invited individuals experienced in local farming, food processing, distribution, marketing, financing and technical assistance to participate in the Roundtable. The purpose of the group was two-fold:

  • Identify options and make recommendations to the sponsoring agencies for strategies, both near-term and long-term, to preserve additional farmland in King County.
  • Identify options and make recommendations for near-term and long-term strategies to increase market and distribution opportunities for local small and mid-sized farmers in King County, looking particularly at food hubs or other means of aggregating local product to expand access to markets.

The recommendations are divided into five sections, reflecting different stages of the local farming economy:

  • Acquire and steward land and capital
  • Grow/harvest
  • Process/store/transport
  • Market/sell/use
  • Food system development, coordination, evaluation and funding

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