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Class descriptions

WIC Child (ages 1-5)

Starting at age one year, and then every 6 months while your child is on WIC, you will have an opportunity to attend a WIC Cooking Demonstration facilitated by one of our Nutrition Assistants. With a focus on family mealtime, learn to cook or prepare simple, low-cost balanced meals. Foods are eaten in class and recipes are available to take home. Satisfies WIC requirements, but you don’t have to be receiving WIC to come eat and have fun! For the whole family – walk-ins welcome!

  • Class length: 15-20 minutes
  • Families welcome!

WIC Infant (ages 9-11 months)

In this class, we'll go over self-feeding and how to start the baby on finger foods. We’ll discuss age appropriate finger foods and try a simple snack. You’ll also learn how to use the WIC pureed jar foods to create delicious finger foods such as pancakes or muffins.

  • Class length: 15-20 minutes
  • Families welcome!

Jennifer Marichalar teaches a WIC class

Jennifer Marichalar, Public Health Nutrition Assistant, teaching a WIC class

WIC Breastfeeding (anytime during pregnancy)

It's time to talk about how you plan to feed your baby. The best way to parent your newborn is to breastfeed, but breastfeeding isn't instinctive. The more you learn ahead of time, the easier it will be when the baby comes. You'll learn about the early cues that your baby is hungry and we'll discuss how to know your baby is getting enough to eat.

  • Class length: 60 minutes
  • Families welcome!

WIC Pregnancy Nutrition (anytime during pregnancy)

The best way to give your baby a healthy start when you are pregnant is to take good care of yourself. In this class, you will discuss changes you have made for a healthier diet, create a list of things that are harmful to your unborn baby and discuss tips to relieve common problems of pregnancy. You will meet other pregnant women enrolled in WIC and will have time to discuss any concerns you may have.

  • Class length: 60 minutes
  • Families welcome!

Farmers Market Check Distribution

The Farmers Market Nutrition Program helps mothers buy fruits, vegetables, and cut herbs at farmers markets through the WIC program.

In addition to your monthly WIC benefits, WIC participants twelve months or older are eligible to receive Farmer’s Market checks once a year during farmers market season. Kent East Hill WIC participants may pick up their checks at the Kent Farmer’s Market during July and August while supplies last (see distribution schedule). Checks must be used by October 31, 2018. WIC clients receive a booklet with five $4.00 checks per client. Maximum of $40 per family.

WIC is a supplemental food program for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, infants and children and also provides health screening, nutrition and health education, breastfeeding promotion and support, help getting other services and checks for nutritious foods.

You may be eligible for WIC services if:

  • Live in Washington state, and
  • Are pregnant, a new mother, or a child under five years of age, and
  • Meet the income guidelines
  • Have a medical or nutrition need.

Learn more about WIC at

Office visit with a nurse to verify pregnancy, determine medical risk and financial status, and refer to appropriate prenatal services, including to DSHS for medical coupons, health care provider for maternity care, appropriate site for maternity support services and WIC Supplemental Food Program.

  • Maternity Support Services helps pregnant women find health insurance, local doctors or midwives and other community resources to support a healthy pregnancy.

  • Infant Case Management provides support and referral to needed medical, social, educational and other resources in your community so that your baby and family can thrive.

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Specific hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm; Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Walk-ins welcome or by appointment at 206-263-9300.

Family planning services and education, reproductive health care, HIV and STD screening, pregnancy tests, birth control and referrals.

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EC (also called emergency contraception pills) is a special dose of birth control pills that prevents pregnancy after you have had unprotected sex. Some people call EC the "morning after pill," but you actually have up to 5 days (120 hours) after sex to use EC. EC is not an abortion pill.

EC is offered through the Kent DSHS Community Services Office located at 1313 W. Meeker St, Kent, WA 98032

Specific hours: Thursdays, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Walk-ins welcome or by appointment at 206-477-6950.

Provides education and services for pregnancy prevention and for pregnant, parenting teens, and at-risk teens.

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Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) assists in planning and obtaining medical care and other resources for the child with a disability or a condition that may prevent normal growth and development.

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Provides Public Health Nurse services to families referred by CPS.

Learn more about Child Protective Services (external site)

ORCA LIFT cards provide reduced transit fare for those who qualify that can help you get more out of your public transportation system. ORCA LIFT cards can be used for Metro buses for only $1.50 per trip, any time of the day.

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