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The King County Indigent Remains program provides cremation and a proper burial for individuals who are indigent and who have died in King County. This program serves people whose families either could not be located or could not provide for the proper disposition of remains.

Burial process

Decedents in the program are cremated, and then stored in a secure location at the King County Medical Examiner's Office until a ceremony and burial are held, typically every two years. The decedents are buried in individual containers in shared plots, and records are kept for each one so that they may be recovered at a later point in time if a family member requests.


The King County Indigent Remains program provides funding for cremation for individuals who are indigent and who have died in King County. Eligibility for this program is made after a next-of-kin search, notification and a thorough review of personal finances. This process normally takes at least 21 days.

NOTICE: We have not yet scheduled a date for a burial service in 2019 however we are planning for sometime in Spring. Visit this page in March or April for possible updates.

2017 ceremony

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 1:00 pm, 180 individuals were remembered at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, 100 Blaine Avenue NE, in Renton. The public was invited to attend. The memorial included burial rites, prayers from clergy, a memorial plaque and memories shared by friends.

The names of the individuals buried are listed below.

Istvan Adics
Christopher Aigbokhan
Francis A. Akinyemi
Ardith M. Andrews
German Arutyunov
John James Assad
James Attebery
Lilith Babellon
Carlos V. Batoon
Susan Bellow
John Bendele
Alfred Bernstein
Jean Blanchard
William Bollinger
Ezzie Bostick
Frederick B. Bridgette
Neil Brugmann
Nancy Bryant
Richard E. Burrus
Meliton Cardoso
Sergio Chavez
John Carroll Clark
Robert Clark
George L. Clifford Jr.
Alicia A. Comsa
Peter G. Corey
Charles J. Cottone
Eva P. Curtis
Myrtle E. Daniels
C. Joann Daubert
Jeffrey T. Davis
Joe P. Davis
Peter Delbuck
Albert L. Delp Jr.
Matthew M. Dome
Esther C. Donner
Joseph Dookram
Nikita F. Douglas
Kenneth Dunn
Laurence H. Ebersole
Richard G. Elsbree
Robert A. Fleming
Martin D. Fletcher
Steven R. Forbus
Richard Wayne Fox
Allen Franklin
Leroy A. Freimuth Jr.
Scott E. Friedman
Maria A. Fuscardo
Harry W. Gakin Jr.
Jack Leroy Gallaci
Jeffery Gallant
Roland Gilland
Patrick Glines
Edward Goddard
Rebekah Goldstein
Maurica A. Gosling
Lynn V. Grant
Jacqueline Griffin
Robert C. Gura

Christopher Hall
Janet Hall
Marc Eric Haney
Bryan Hawks
Doyle Hawn
Robert B. Harting
Douglas Heath
Donald W. Hermundson
Susan Higgins
Uge Levi Hopson
David E. Hunt
Delene K. Huntley
Jason J. Hulet
Linda S. Huskey
Winfield T. Hutton
Ngo Tho Huynh
William L. Ingraham
Selvin P. Iscoa
Lynn Jackson
Pamela Jackson
John E. Jennings
Ronald Joiner
Paul Jordan
Gus Van Jones Sr.
Laszio Karpati
Robert J Kauzlarich
Ben Klausner
Michael P Krasick
Gunthe Kunde
Ann Kunhart
Lute Lacey
Patric Larner
Melani Larson
Le Hoa Th
Myung Hu Lee
Wilbur Leigh
Dian Liberato
Gilbert Lira-Garcia
Osca Madrid
Steven Manuel
William Marshall
Steven D. Martindale
Kathleen Mcardle
Claude Mcintosh
Dawna Marie Miller
Grace V. Miller
Paul E. Miller
Roy Henry Miller
Rebekkah Miller-Williams
William D. Moen
James Edward Moore
David Muller
Wallace Nolen Jr.
Greg Norem
James Noren
Pierre Nove
Saleh Obeid
Barbara A. Ogdon
Charles Ojuri
Rahim Olajuwon

William W. Palmer
James Parish
David R. Patterson
Saul Peterson
Hisako M. Pias
Crystal Plesha
William Poston
Ronald W. Price
Chester E. Randall
Harriet J. Rathbun
Brian L. Richardson
Michael F. Robinson
Norma J. Robinson
Timothy A. Rodden
David L. Rubelman
Gerald M. Russell
Delores G. Saas
Crispin E. Sands
Ley-Eric D. Sanford
Eusebio Santos
Gerald Sauve
Vance C. Saxton
Karen E. Scherff
Jane Short
Peter Singyke
William Smith
Frederic R. Snider
Kim A. Solomon
Juan A. Sontay
Allen A. Sprague
Baby Girl Stephens
Floyd G. Stern
Dimitrinka Stoeva
George Storm
Tana R. Stumpf
Gregory F. Sudderth
Walter Sumoski
Carla J. Suriano
David J. Sutcliffe
Frances K. Swanson
Larry P. Tangye
Dennis J. Tarkman
Cheryl Y. Taylor
Gregory E. Thomas
Gillian Timms
Dale Lee Todd
Guiller Torres-Fernandez
Joy A. Travis
Clarence E. Turley
Roberto Velasco-Zabala
Laura J. Waddell
Elroy Ward
Melody Ward
Merlin A. Warnick
Dewayne F. West
Leroy Wiley
Dennis O. Wiltshire
Paul Woodruff
Steve Young
Carol Zaugg

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