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You've planned your program, written your messages, and enrolled students. Now, it's time to send out your messages.

Scheduling texts

Once you have students enrolled and in topic groups, you can schedule your text messages to go out.

Timing texts

It's important to pick times to send messages that aren't in the middle of the school day, but that aren't too disruptive to students' schedules. It's also key to time messages appropriately. So, messages about breakfast should go out in the morning and messages about homework should go out when students are doing homework, likely in the evening.

Organizing texts

It's helpful to create an Excel spreadsheet with days and times that you plan on sending messages and the messages you are planning to send for each identified topic group.


Get Active Topic Group

FRIDAY / 4:00 PM
WEEK 9: JAN 12 - 16 Rethink your ride! Incorporate exercise into your routine by finding a safe route walking or biking to school. Check out bike routes here:

3 simple ways to get more exercise: take the stairs, park further away from school, and walk whenever possible!

WEEK 10: JAN 19 - 23 Can't decide how to exercise? Doing a variety of different activities is actually good for the body. It prevents burnout and injury and keeps you motivated! Make your weekday routine a healthy life-cycle! Ride your bicycle on one of the many trails Seattle has to offer, like the Burke-Gilman trail!

Then, using your text-messaging applications' scheduling function, you can select groups to receive a message, enter in the message text, and schedule it for a later date and time.

Make sure you copy and paste messages into a text edit program, like Notebook, to remove all formatting before pasting them into the text-messaging application. If you don't do this, it is possible that formatting will get messed up so that extra or strange characters are inserted into your text messages!