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The Community Resilience + Equity Program works closely with key stakeholders to help build greater resiliency upon a foundation of existent community assets. The following are work groups and committees CR+EP works collaboratively with to ensure that no one group is more impacted than another in an emergency.

Vulnerable Populations System Coordination Steering Committee and Vulnerable Populations Operations Workgroup (VPOW)

The Vulnerable Populations System Coordination Steering Committee (VP Steering Committee) represents key planning and coordinating entities of vulnerable populations emergency planning and a cross-section of geographic emergency management zones in King County, WA. The purpose of this Steering Committee is to develop a coordinated approach to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery that reduces barriers for vulnerable populations in King County. Since its inception, CR+EP has had representation on the Vulnerable Populations Steering Committee.

Each Vulnerable Populations Steering Committee representative is encouraged to have a representative on the Operations Workgroup. Operations Workgroup representatives area at an operational level in the organization with responsibility for implementing activities related to vulnerable populations planning. Public Health – Seattle & King County and CR+EP, in addition to currently chairing VPOW, have several representatives on the Workgroup.

Homeless Stakeholder Group

In early fall 2009, the Public Health Preparedness Section partnered with Healthcare for the Homeless Network to bring together homeless advocates to help inform both the H1N1 and Green River flood planning effort. The group agreed to continue to meet and serve as advocates for the homeless community during preparedness times and mobilize in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Somali Health Board

The King County Somali Health Board (SHB) is a coalition of King County Somali health leaders and health systems representatives working in collaboration to improve health outcomes of Somali residents.




Vietnamese Community Communication Project

Public Health – Seattle & King County is collaborating with leaders in the Vietnamese community and other partners to better understand the most effective pathways to communicate health and safety information to the Vietnamese community.

Research from a recent project aimed at improving Public Health's understanding of how to effectively communicate important health information to the Vietnamese community produced three recommendations for next steps:

  • Formalize a strategy for utilizing existing communication mechanisms.
  • Explore funding opportunities to improve and expand community preparedness in two areas: emergency preparedness and emergency communication.
  • Determine a potential sponsoring entity to "house" this effort moving forward and to partner on a grant proposal for funding.
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