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King County Medic One (KCM1) is a county-operated EMS system that is the sole provider of pre-hospital 911 Advanced Life Support (ALS) in south King County.

  • We operate 9 Medic Units (staffed with two Paramedics each) and one 24hr Shift Supervisor.

  • King County Medic One Paramedics provide only 911 emergency response ALS-level treatment and transport. BLS-level care is provided by fire agencies in the region. Inter-facility transports are typically handled by local ambulance companies.

  • Applicants for employment at KCM1 can be either EMTs or Paramedics. All KCM1 new hires must complete the University of Washington Paramedic Training Program – regardless of their past EMS experience or training. There is no cost to the individual for this training and trainees are paid competitively with full benefits and retirement during this time.

Pre-testing requirements

Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years of experience (by the last day that written test scores will be accepted) as an EMT or Paramedic working in a pre-hospital EMS system. At least twelve consecutive months of that experience must be with one employer. Apply now at Public Safety Testing.

The successful candidate

King County Medic One strives to hire individuals who will excel in both the academic and field EMS settings. Successful candidates must demonstrate critical thinking skills, leadership, multi-tasking ability, integrity and compassion. Candidates should show exemplary teamwork and customer service skills. KCM1 puts the patient first and the successful candidate should show the ability to do this on every level.

Hiring News

Our testing for 2020 has been extended secondary to the State of Washington Stay-At-Home Orders. Applicants now have until July 1st to complete our online application and written tests with Public Safety Testing.

We currently anticipate needing to hire/train 3-5 new medics.

Due to the phase change in response to COVID-19, our partner, Public Safety Testing, is now able to offer written in-person testing. Please go to their website to schedule your written tests and completing them both before July 1st. Follow the links for "Firefighter" jobs in Washington and click on "King County Medic One".

We understand that there is a significant waitlist to take the written test. To provide as much opportunity to all those on the wait list to test, King County Medic One will host two additional written test dates on June 20th and 27th. To take any of the written tests, please go to the Public Safety Testing website to register. There is no onsite registration available at our facility.

The testing process

The testing process for KCM1 starts by taking two written tests delivered by a 3rd-party testing agency. ALL questions about these written tests should be directed to that agency. Candidates must complete both written tests by the specified date.

The top-scoring candidates from the written phase of the testing process will be invited to the Skills Assessment phase of the testing process. This includes several interactive tasks, typically including a patient care component based on NREMT BLS standards. We understand that some of our candidates do not live in this geographic area and we will make every attempt to give ample notice for the date and time of the Skills Assessment portion of the testing process to allow for travel arrangements to be made.

The top-scoring candidates from the Skills Assessment phase of the testing process will be invited to complete the following:

  • A Physical Agility and Fitness Test
  • A Medical Exam
  • A Criminal Background Check
  • An Oral Board Interview

The Physical Agility test is conducted at the Exercise Science Center in Fircrest, WA. Please direct questions about the physical agility test to them.

Frequently Asked Questions (click on questions to display answer)

Yes. The UW Paramedic Training Program is physician-taught and requires a much longer clinical period than most paramedic training programs. Medic students often get 40 - 50 human intubations (in the field and in the OR) including pediatric patients. They will run a couple dozen CPR calls, are on several shooting / stabbing calls, and start hundreds of IVs in this time. We believe that this is a big part of the reason why our resuscitation rates are among the highest in the country.

Training is approximately 11 months long. The cost of your training is paid for by the Medic One Foundation. During this time, employees have full benefits – medical, dental, vision, and contribution to a state pension plan (LEOFF 2). Employees are paid an hourly rate while in school that ends up grossing approximately $50,000 for that year.

Your schedule while in Paramedic Training is very demanding – on both you and your family. You may be away from home for 36 hours at a time (or more.) It is not uncommon to have class all day, ride on one of Seattle Fire Department's busiest Medic units that evening, and then be in class for the entirety of the following day. Candidates should have a strong mental and physical capacity.

There is a general knowledge and an EMT written examination. The former is a civil service style exam and the latter is based on the current AAOS EMT-Basic curriculum. Questions about the written tests should be directed to Public Safety Testing.

Due to the large number of applicants we get and the need to test people in a very efficient manner, we are sorry to say that there are absolutely no options to reschedule this or any other portion of the testing process.

No, you must be currently certified as an EMS provider (EMT or Paramedic) by a State Agency or with the National Registry.

For the entirety of Paramedic Training and for the following year, you will be a probationary employee. Upon successfully completing UW Paramedic Training, you will be on a Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm type of schedule while you complete a department-specific orientation program (though these hours and days may vary). Immediately following Orientation, you will begin a 6-month Field Training Officer (FTO) program where you will be on a Medic unit with a senior partner receiving daily evaluations from your FTO and monthly evaluations from your Medical Services Officer (MSO). Upon successful completion of the FTO period, you will have a 6-month period of probation on a Medic unit with a non-FTO partner. Entry-level wage upon successful completion of UW Paramedic Training and certification as a WA State Paramedic is $32.45 / hr. on a 2448hr work-year. Your schedule, after Orientation, will be: 24hrs ON, 24hrs OFF, 24hrs ON, and 5 days off with approximately 10 debit days per year for a total of 102 shifts per year.

There is ample training provided by KCM1 (on-duty and off-duty) throughout the year for you to renew your NREMT and state Paramedic certifications. (NREMT certification is not a requirement of employment.)

In order to be hired by King County Medic One, you must be eligible to work in the USA. Unfortunately, King County (as an employer) does not sponsor for work-related visas. You must also have a WA State Driver's License at the time of hire.

For answers to career- and testing-related questions not posted here, you can email Due to the large number of questions we receive, we will not able to answer each individually, especially if the question can be answered on this webpage.

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