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Latest data reports

  • 2017 TB Data Summary
    • Tuberculosis continues to disproportionately affect vulnerable populations in King County.
    • On average, two cases of tuberculosis disease are diagnosed in King County each week. Another 100,000 residents are infected with tuberculosis, but the microbe lies dormant.
    • Rates of TB disease are at an all-time low in King County, but as a crossroads for global trade and migration, we have higher rates of TB disease than state and national averages.

  • 2017 Annual TB Report
    In 2017, TB was at an all-time low in King County. There were 97 reported cases, down from 101 cases in 2016 and 161 ten years ago in 2007. This corresponded to a case rate of 4.5 cases per 100,000 population.