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  • Alcohol/Drug Help Line

    Free, confidential 24-hour information and referral for alcohol and substance use issues.

  • Country Doctor Clinic
    Medical services, HIV and PrEP case management.

  • Hepatitis Education Project
    Screening, support and services for people with Hep B or C, Hep A and B vaccines, HIV testing, needle exchange, suboxone clinic, training for providers, patients and general public.

  • Lifelong
    HIV testing, linkage to care, case management., medication adherence, housing assistance, chemical dependency, LGBT and homeless youth programs, food support and nutrition, dental care, support and advocacy, PrEP case management.

  • Navos
    Mental health, primary care, housing, and substance abuse counseling.

  • Needle Exchange (Robert Clewis Center)
    Syringe exchange, HIV/hepatitis testing, wound and abscess care, naloxone, peer education, access to drug treatment, social work services, reproductive health care, and other services.

  • People's Harm Reduction Alliance (PHRA)
    Needle exchange in the University District, needle exchange delivery for north and east King County. See website for schedule and services.