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  • Alcohol/Drug Help Line

    24-hour crisis help, substance use info, referral.

  • Community Information Line
    206-461-3200 or 2-1-1
    Complete database of social services in King County, info and referral.

  • Hepatitis Education Project
    Free Hep C screening, case mgmt., outreach, support & services for people with Hep B or C, Hep A & B vaccines, training for providers, patients & general public.

  • HIV/STD Program
    Planning, contracting, epidemiology, resource center and targeted health education for HIV and STD prevention and care in King County.

  • King County Trans Resource & Referral Guide
    Free to low-cost community-based resources and basic needs including health and wellness, peer support, cultural and social connections and more.

  • Washington Recovery Help Line
    24-hour help line for substance use, problem gambling and mental health.