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Seattle is one of 22 large metropolitan areas participating in a national health survey funded by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.
Each year we survey different populations to learn about HIV prevalence, sex and drug use, HIV testing, and use of local HIV prevention programs. The survey provides up-to-date information to help improve HIV prevention in King County. Seattle has been an important and successful part of this effort since 2005. Starting in early June of 2018, the Seattle NHBS teams will be conducting interviews with community members as part of two separate surveys.

How to get involved

The Seattle NHBS teams will be out in the community conducting interviews, starting in early June and ending sometime in late 2018. Recruitment is conducted using a coupon system. People interested in participating in a survey will need to have a coupon in order to contribute to the information collected. Some people who complete the survey may be asked to refer other people they know – they will be given coupons to give to others they know.

If you receive a coupon, please call to schedule an appointment.

Members of the community are not able to volunteer for either survey.

People must have a coupon in order to participate, but having a coupon does not guarantee participation. A few questions are asked of respondents to see if they are selected for the survey. Those who are selected by the computer and agree to participate are eligible to be financially compensated for their time.

All information collected is confidential and anonymous.

Surveys are conducted in a private location to ensure the confidentiality of all participants.

What participants are asked to do

Participants complete a detailed survey. The survey information is completely anonymous, and we never ask for names. Participants are offered an anonymous rapid HIV test, as well as other tests specific to each survey, and can get risk reduction counseling and information about community resources if desired. It takes about an hour, and we pay people for their time.

How information will be used

Information collected from community members is used to help improve HIV prevention services throughout King County, as well as highlight some of the great work already being done in partnership with many community based organizations. To see what some of the information collected looks like, check out the infographic on this page.

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