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In February 2019, the President announced the Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America initiative. This comprehensive initiative, known as EtHE, aims to reduce new HIV infections in the U.S. by 75% in five years and by 90% by 2030. King County is one of 48 counties eligible for EtHE funding and is required to develop an EtHE plan. Public Health – Seattle & King County received a grant to engage community stakeholders to develop a King County plan for HIV prevention and care activities.

The End the HIV Epidemic initiative will focus on four key strategies:

End the HIV Epidemic initiative: 4 strategies

The King County Ending the HIV Epidemic Planning Committee is interested in your feedback and recommendations for improving the draft King County EHE Plan. To submit feedback online, please use the this comment box or email your feedback to In order for the committee to have time to discuss input received and make revisions to the plan, feedback can only be accepted through December 11, 2020.

Learn more about the End the HIV Epidemic Initiative

All meetings are open to the public and you can attend in person or by phone. If you would like to participate in EHE planning or have any other questions, please contact Becca Hutcheson by email. The EHE Planning Committee and Advisory Groups are all responsible for identifying current gaps in HIV prevention and care services in King County and providing technical input on proposed EHE activities.

EHE Planning Committee (EPC)

  • Members include representatives with expertise in HIV prevention and care services, health care systems, epidemiology, substance use and other social services, as well as affected community members.

  • This committee develops proposed HIV prevention and care activities for the EHE plan, incorporates feedback from advisory groups and provides concurrence on the final King County plan.

Community-Based Prevention and Care Advisory Group

  • Members include representatives from community-based organizations and social service providers working on providing services related to HIV prevention and care, housing, substance use, mental health, and affected community members.

  • This group provides technical input on to how to expand access to HIV prevention and care services and how to structure interventions to address social determinants and decrease health disparities.

Healthcare Advisory Group

  • Members include representatives from healthcare organizations, medical providers and payers serving King County.

  • This group provides technical input on how Public Health and healthcare organizations and systems can work togEHEr to expand access to HIV prevention and care services.

EPC meetings

Advisory Group meetings

Community-Based Prevention and Care

  • October 20
  • November 16


  • October 21

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