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Medicaid Assisted Program for Children (MAP) was a pilot project to assist 240 low-income, ethnically-diverse families who have children with asthma, ages 0-17 years. Participants may be referred from clinics, emergency rooms, hospitals or self-referral. The interventions were delivered by community health workers who made home visits to the families. The goals of the program were to help parents and children learn self-management skills such as using medication properly, what to do when asthma symptoms worsen, accessing and participating in medical care and communicating with health care providers. Clients were shown how to identify asthma triggers in their homes, how to eliminate them and were provided trigger reduction resources such as allergen-impermeable bedding encasements, vacuums and cleaning kits. The number of in-home visits were tailored to the family's needs with an average of 3 visits per family over the course of the project.

MAP tools and documents:

Initial CHW training:

Weekly CHW training: