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The sun's UV rays can damage skin in as little as 15 minutes. Put sunscreen on before going outside, even on slightly cloudy or cool days. People of all skin tones should protect their skin from the sun's damaging UV rays.

Care is needed when applying sunscreen to keep children safe and healthy. Follow these guidelines to be sure children are well protected from sun damage.

  • Obtain parent/guardian authorization on the Sunscreen Medication form whether using center or parent provided sunscreen. Document when it's applied.
  • Label individual sunscreen bottles with the child's full name.
  • Store sunscreen like other medications, inaccessible to children and stored so they don't touch.
  • Avoid sunscreen for infants under 6 months old, unless directed by a physician.

Applying sunscreen

  1. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to going outside or as directed on the label.
  2. Wash hands and gather sunscreen and gloves.
  3. Squeeze a generous amount of sunscreen onto a disposable glove (only one glove per child is necessary). If you choose not to use a glove to apply sunscreen, wash your hands after applying to each child.
  4. Apply to all exposed parts of the body. Including hands, ears, feet, shoulders, and behind the neck. Also, apply underneath clothing straps. Avoid getting sunscreen in the child's eyes, nose, or mouth.
  5. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, or as directed by the label, while children are in the sun, and even more often if they are swimming or playing in water.
  6. Wash hands after applying sunscreen to the last child and put sunscreen away.
  7. Document.