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Introduction Cover page, Table of Contents and Preface
Title 1 General Provisions
Title 2 Officers and Administration
Title 3 Personal Health Services – Fees and Charges
Title 4 Health Care Information Disclosure
Title 4A Information Disclosure for Care Other Than Health Care
Title 5 Food-Service Establishments
Title R5

Food-Service Establishments

Title 6 (Reserved)
Title R6 Meat
Title 7 Pesticides (Repealed by BOH 12-01)
Title 8 Zoonotic Disease Prevention
Title 9 Bicycle Helmets
Title 10 Solid Waste Handling
Title 11 Hazardous Materials Management
Title 12 Water
Title R12 Water
Title 13 On-Site Sewage
Title 14 Water Recreation Facilities
Title R14 Swimming and Spa Pools
Title 15 Schools
Title 16 Woodstoves (Repealed by BOH 12-01)
Title R17 Venereal Disease (Reserved)
Title R18 Cosmetology
Title 19 Tobacco Products, Electronic Smoking Devices and Unapproved Nicotine Delivery Products
Title R20 Noise
Title 21 (Reserved)
Title R22 Buildings and Construction
List of Codified Administrative Rules
BOH Code Index

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