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Steering Committee purpose
  • Provide guidance to the consultant and the staff team and hold them accountable for completion of the OMP.
  • Communicate and disseminate information from the process to stakeholders and others, as appropriate.
  • Make recommendations, as appropriate, to other entities (e.g. government bodies or agencies).
Steering Committee process
  • Utilize the expertise of an independent consultant.
  • Receive input and expertise from stakeholders.
  • Identify data and information needed for analysis by the consultant and others.
  • Provide a forum for the open discussion and review of analysis.
OMP purpose

Guiding document is the adopted workplan: KCC Motion 12122

Public Health operates in an ever-changing and dynamic environment. In light of this environment, the Operational Master Plan will:

  • Recommend a broad policy framework to prioritize and guide decision making regarding the provision of public health services in King County ,
  • Make recommendations regarding operational implementation and funding.
  • The OMP framework and recommendations will be based in an in depth review of public health mandates, standards, funding, functions and services, incorporating, at a minimum:
    • a baseline assessment of the health in King County and forecasted health needs,
    • a comparison with evidence-based best practices in the field and in light of other major metropolitan health departments,
    • an evaluation of service delivery options that will continue to meet the health needs of our community with improved efficiency and effectiveness, and
    • an evaluation of viable options for stable future funding.