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Please review the following options to determine which sort of solicitation fits your needs.

A "Good" is a tangible product to be used and/or consumed. A “Service” is not a tangible good, and is provided to you by an outside provider. These types of services may be repetitive and consistent in nature, as in the vendor provides the same type of service to all customers.

"Goods" are products you need to buy like equipment, paper products, rubber gloves, shoes, nuts & bolts etc. "Services" include things like janitorial, photography, public opinion surveys, group facilitation, nursing, etc.

Submit the documents listed below with your service request. Use only Word or Excel formats.

  • Solicitations Prep Form
  • Draft Scope of Work or Specifications
  • List of potential vendors to notify (if available)
  • For ITBs, include a Pricing Sheet
  • For RFPs, include Evaluation Criteria, Submittal Questions, and any attachments or exhibits

For more information, see our Goods & Services Solicitation Guide

Start a Goods & Services Procurement

Include the following information in the Request Description field (copy/paste this text): 

  • Contract Name (name to be used in ITB documents)
  • Contract Type (i.e. Standard Advertised, Work Order, Small Works, Alternative, etc.)
  • Contract Price (estimated contract price based on engineer's estimate, excluding sales tax)
  • ITB Package Submittal Date (estimated date ITB package will uploaded to SharePoint)
  • Funding Source (i.e. federally funded, County funded, consent decree, etc.)
  • Project Restrictions (i.e. fish window dates, wet weather restrictions, permit issues, etc.)
  • Project Representative (name of client's representative during procurement)
  • Contract Administrator (name of person, other than the PR, involved with procurement)

Procurement and Payables will assign a contract number. Your consultants and architects should include the contract number on drawings and specifications. We'll also assign you a folder in the Contruction Collaboration SharePoint solicitations library where you can upload required documents throughout your procurement.

Start a New Construction Procurement

Architectural and engineering services or professional services means professional services rendered by any person, other than an employee of the County, contracting to perform activities as a licensed/certified architect, engineer, land surveyor or landscape architect on capital projects. These types of activities may include, architectural design, engineering study and design, land surveying, landscape architecture, structural design, geotechnical review, environmental review, construction management, aerial photography and mapping, provided by registered professionals.

If you can answer 'yes' to any of these questions then your request is likely for an Architectural & Engineering and Professional Services procurement.

  • Does the service require the issuance of a professional license for the work to be performed on a capital project?
  • Does the service involve architectural design, engineering study and design, land surveying, landscape architecture or structural design on a capital project?
  • Does the service involve geotechnical review, environmental review, construction management, or aerial photography and mapping by a licensed professional on a capital project?

Start an Architectural, Engineering, or Professional Services Procurement

Technical Consulting services differ from Professional A&E work in that Technical Consulting services do not require the same levels of professional licensing as outlined in the RCW. Technical Consulting Services may include audits, appraisals, ecological studies or plans, market research, as well as other types of consulting. Solicitations for Technical Consulting will typically emphasize a proposer’s qualifications, their approach to a specific scope of work, the proposer’s previous work, and their proposed price to provide the services, each as individual evaluation criteria in selecting the top-ranked proposer.

Your request is likely to be a Technical services procurement if the following statements are true:

  • The work involves a custom or unique approach or solution (typically involving some form of consultation), developed through the provider’s expertise, education and/or training, and is not an "off-the-shelf" service.
  • The request does NOT include work for a capital project (such as design, land or geotechnical surveying, environmental analysis, and/or construction management).
  • The work does NOT require the payment of prevailing wages.

Start a Technical Services Procurement

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