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A Community Service/Grant contract, also known as an Agency contract, is used when a County agency provides funding to service providers for services or activities delivered directly to the public. King County (1) insures that the service provider maintains their qualifications, (2) meets obligations and requirements, and (3) follows terms and conditions of the contract. The County does not maintain direct supervision of the work performed by the service provider.

Set Up a Community Service/Grant Project

If an Agency needs to obtain supplies and services for their own use, or when the County is the direct recipient, refer to the Goods and Services page for purchasing and contracting procedures

Community Service/Grant contracts are often exempt from the requirements of the King County Code Chapter 2.93, and are accordingly not always subject to the Procurement & Payables Section (P&P) Request for Proposal (RFP) process. However, all contract awards must be made in accordance with County policies and procedures, must follow applicable laws, and have a competitive solicitation initiated by the county agency, unless exempted by public rule, ordinance, or grant requirement.

The contracting agency is urged to conduct an RFP process if any or all of the following circumstances apply:

  1. There is more than one qualified potential contractor or recipient;
  2. The available grant amount is sufficient to attract participation of a significant number of qualified contractors or recipients; and/or
  3. The service has previously been performed three (3) years or more without being solicited competitively via an RFP process.

Refer to the P&P RFP Process for a detailed illustration of the general process the department must follow.

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