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Sustainable Purchasing Guide

This guide balances economic, social, and environmental purchasing considerations. Together, our purchasing choices can make a difference.

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About Our Environmental Purchasing Program

King County’s Environmental Purchasing Policy reflects a long-term commitment to the purchase of environmentally preferable products. In 1989, King County adopted its original recycled product procurement policy in response to overburdened landfills and the need to create markets for newly collected recyclables. The policy has been updated over the years to add other environmentally preferable products beyond recycled content. It requires the purchase of recycled content paper, re-refined motor oil and electronics recycling. The policy also requires county agencies to purchase recycled and other environmentally preferable products "whenever practicable."

The King County Environmental Purchasing Program provides county personnel with information and technical assistance to help them identify, evaluate, and purchase economical and effective environmentally preferable products and services. 

In addition to their environmental benefits, many of these products are more economical than those they replace and perform well.


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