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The Procurement & Payables (P&P) section is excited to announce the Procurement Technology Modernization (PTM) project! The PTM project includes two work streams: Oracle procurement activities and Concur Travel & Travel Expense Reimbursement (T&E). Both work streams include implementing new systems which are expected to launch in Fall 2020. This page primarily covers the portions of PTM that impact King County agencies. For information about impact to our supplier community, visit our Supplier Website

Recent Progress

PTM Project Details

King County is modernizing procurement practices and travel & expense for County employees. The PTM project enables efficiencies throughout the county and within our supplier community.

Oracle Cloud E-Procurement will modernize procurement to enable collaboration between County employees and suppliers more efficiently.

Concur will allow King County to modernize the way employees book travel and submit expenses. The new experience will make it easy to book and easy to file expense reports when returning home.

The PTM project involves implementing two new systems with a long list of realized benefits for King County employees and King County suppliers. Here is just a few benefits the new systems will bring.

Procurement benefits for King County employees:

  • Ability to track bids electronically throughout the procurement cycle.
  • Ability to reduce paper used throughout the solicitation process.
  • Create a self-service portal for all agencies to easily communicate and collaborate with Procurement & Payables.
  • Establish a contract repository.
  • Give us the ability to update requirements and/or processes.
  • Improve the reporting functionality across the County and reduce the amount of time required to create reports.

Procurement benefits for external suppliers:

  • Online Bidding -- Collaborative electronic solicitation process to enable success for suppliers and reduce delivery costs and paper usage.
  • NAICS Industry Codes -- Implementing use of NAICS industry codes to expand awareness of bid opportunities.
  • Fast, Easy Self-Registration -- Online supplier registration now takes less time and is simple to use.
  • Self-Service Supplier Portal -- Manage your profile, add users to your account, update your remit information, and track available contracting opportunities.
  • Online Bid Data -- Access to data using our streamlined solicitation process to create transparency.

Travel & Expense benefits for King County employees:

  • Reduce timeline for reconciliation of travel expense.
  • Allow for mobile app receipt entry - No more scanning receipts at the office!
  • Update the King County travel policy to ensure employees have a clear understanding when traveling for work.
  • All required documentation located in a centralized system for each travel request.
About the Project 
  • What does PTM stand for?
    Procurement Technology Modernization Project.

  • What is the PTM project?
    The PTM project has two different work streams: Procurement and Travel & Expense (T&E) Reimbursements. The two work streams are designed to improve our technology solutions to better support internal and external stakeholders. For more details about the change, see the Benefits tab.

  • Who is impacted by the changes of the PTM project?
    For the Procurement workstream, all King County agency employees who engage with the Procurement & Payables Section (P&P), and external suppliers will enjoy the benefits of the new procurement system. The new Travel & Expense reimbursement system will be used by employees traveling on behalf of King County.

  • When will the new systems launch?
    Our go-live date for PTM is Fall 2020.

  • Does the new system support electronic invoicing?
    The supplier self-registration module is the engine for electronic invoicing, and it is not a part of the current implementation, it is something King County will be pursuing very soon.
Agency Sourcing
  • How will the new procurement system affect procurement cycle times?
    Enhanced and remote collaboration capability should make evaluation and scoring of proposals faster and easier.
Travel & Expense
  • Will I be able to upload my travel receipts via my mobile phone?
    Yes. Uploaded receipts via cellphone will self-populate your expense report making it much easier to submit it for reimbursement upon the completion of your travel.

Our new Oracle cloud system has specific software requirements for users. Please ensure you meet the minimum requirements now in preparation for the new system coming Fall 2020.

Require minimum native screen resolution of 1280x1024 and one of the supported browsers below:

  • Microsoft Edge 40+ (Edge is the officially supported browser for King County Employees)
  • Google Chrome 60+
  • Use of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox are not supported by KCIT

Updated Timeline


Updated timeline released April 2, 2020.

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