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Amendments are formal changes requiring approval to an existing contract. Amendments are usually added to a contract due to a significant change in either the scope of work, time of performance, or quality of the service being obtained. See Amendments for detailed information.

Change orders are written documentation reflecting changes made to order amounts, delivery locations, revised stipulations or conditions, or other terms of the contract during its execution. For purchase orders, a change order may be issued directly by the county without requiring the signature of the vendor. In both cases, a contract amendment or change order is a written change to the terms of the contract.

Contract templates include a change provision that permits the county to make changes to the work. Change orders and amendments must be executed by a county designee with financial authority to bind the county to an expenditure of funds. This must be accomplished prior to commencement of the new work. See Change Orders for detailed information.

If the contract is state or federally funded, the county shall obtain approval from the funding agency in the following circumstances: whenever a change would result in the need for additional funding and/or in accordance with the agency and grant requirements.

Construction change orders must utilize a specific protocol to be fully executed and may include some negotiation. Goods and Services change orders are usually less complex and typically executed by our buyers.

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