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How to make a 3-quote buy

Check the Awarded Contracts list. If there's a universal contract, use that instead of the 3-quote process.

If there’s no contract available, continue:

  1. You must request at least three (3) quotes from registered King County suppliers.

  2. Search for suppliers by name, or by commodity (login and select the Vendor Search tab).

  3. Award to the lowest bidder, comparing similar features (“apples-to-apples”).

  4. Always pay with your P-Card, if possible.


Print: 3-Quote Field Guide 

Video: How to Search for Registered Vendors

How to Search the Vendor Database


Video: Watch the full online training

Legal Requirements for 3-Quote Buys

  • For purchases between $10,000 - $50,000 you must request quotes from at least three registered King County suppliers. If possible, at least one quote should be from a certified King County Small Contractor or Supplier (SCS) firm.

  • If there are not three suppliers registered with King County, you may contact other suppliers for quotes.

  • Quotes must compare similar features, "apples-to-apples."

  • Always award to the lowest bidder.

  • Purchase limits apply to the total cost of like goods and services you intend to buy within a calendar year (January - December) per cost center.

    "Like" goods and services are anything a reasonable person would describe as similar. "Intent" is how much you think you need, based on estimates such as your budget or past experience.

Request a Contract Purchase Agreement (CPA)

If you would like Procurement and Payables (P&P) to set up a CPA for your 3-Quote purchase, submit a Service Request:

  1. Submit a Service Request to Create Oracle Contract Agreement
  2. Select what kind of contract (Goods or Technical)
  3. Provide a summary of what you need, including:
    • Short description of purchasing need and any additional details about the 3-quote
    • Suppliers you contacted for quotes and their responses
    • If not awarding to the lowest quote, explain why the firm was not responsive/responsible  
    • If you are requesting quotes for services, contact a buyer for assistance
    • Supplier Name, address, and phone number
    • Purchasing site (if known)
    • Effective dates desired
  4. If the supplier has never done business with King County, you will need to obtain a KC W9


Reporting Requirements

  • Keep your request for quotations and any quotes you receive with your records for the entire retention period (6 years).

  • Quotes must be available immediately by telephone for anyone who asks.

  • Your 3-Quote Awards for the past 2 months will be made public on the Procurement & Payables website.


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