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Many King County facilities are closed to the public. Learn how to access services remotely or while following social distancing guidelines.  
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Direct Buys

Within a calendar year, each cost center may buy less than $10,000 (including tax and freight) of similar goods & services without a contract or comparing quotes.The federal spending micro purchase threshold of $10,000 matches King County’s direct buy threshold per the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 and 2 CFR 200.67

Follow the 6 Steps to Success to ensure your purchases meet King County's goals.

Ask yourself...
  • Can you avoid the purchase?
  • Can you repurpose what you have?
  • Can you get it secondhand from Surplus?

    See what's available at the Surplus warehouse (707 S. Orcas St) or add items to your wish list; they'll notify you if it comes in. Email
If you must purchase...
  • Check for Awarded Contracts (even if it costs less than $10,000). We’ve already negotiated a great deal!
Use the Sustainable Purchasing Guide to find green alternatives and federally approved eco-labels.

Look for:
  • made with recycled content
  • recyclable/compostable
  • reusable or durable
  • low: toxicity, VOCs, energy, or water
  • biobased

For purchases under $10,000, you may use your discretion to support small businesses... even if they're not the lowest price. Search King County's Small Contractors & Suppliers (SCS) directory.

P-Card is a convenient and cost-effective payment option. Paying with P-Card reduces paper waste and saves time...$74 per transaction! Get a P-Card.
  • Reuse items, or surplus
  • Compost and recycle
  • Recycle with supplier
  • Dispose of hazardous waste correctly

    Use the handy lookup tool "What Do I Do With...?" to determine proper disposal for common items.
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