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What Type of Procurement Do I Need?

Direct Buys

You can buy less than $10,000 of similar goods & services (including tax and freight) within a calendar year from any reputable supplier.

Our goal is that 50% of direct buys come from certified small businesses.



3-Quote buys ($10,000 - $50,000) are used when you know exactly what you want and will award based on the lowest price.

You must request quotes from at least three (3) suppliers registered with King County. Try to get one quote from a certified small business.  

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Informal RFP

Informal Requests For Proposals (RFP) are used for purchases between $10,000 - $50,000 if you'll be awarding based on criteria other than price.

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Invitation To Bid (ITB)

Formal ITBs are advertised solicitations that are awarded based on price.

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Request For Proposals (RFP)

Formal RFPs are advertised solicitations that will be awarded on criteria other than price.  

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Sole Source Waivers

Sole source waivers may be issued when there is only one contractor or supplier capable of providing a product or service.

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Special Facilities

Special facilities waivers may be issued when a particular contractor or supplier has a unique approach to satisfying the County's need.

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Special Market Conditions

A special market condition waiver may be issued when unusual conditions make a waiver advantageous to the County. This type of waiver may not be used for Public Works projects and is applicable only to Goods and Services.

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Emergency Waivers

Emergency waivers may be issued to preserve public health, restore public property, or provide community relief during a declared state of emergency such as: fire, flood, explosion, storm, earthquake, epidemic, riot, or insurrection.

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