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2012 King County Countywide Planning Policies
(Amended August, 2016)

CPP Amendment Table

About the Countywide Planning Policies

The Countywide Planning Policies or CPPs are a series of policies that address growth management issues in King County. The Growth Management Planning Council (GMPC) brings together elected officials from King County and the cities and jurisdictions within it to develop the CPPs.

Adopted and ratified by the cities in 2013, the CPPs provide a countywide vision and serve as a framework for each jurisdiction to develop its own comprehensive plan, which must be consistent with the overall vision for the future of King County.

Implementing the CPPs

Jurisdictions updating their Comprehensive Plans may find the following tools helpful in developing policies and regulations consistent with the CPPs:


For more information please contact:

Karen Wolf, AICP
Senior Policy Analyst
Performance, Strategy and Budget