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Public Review Draft Released for Comment on May 25th, 2017

This report is a proposed response to the King County Sammamish Valley Wine and Beverage Study that was released in September, 2016. The proposals contained in the Public Review Draft will help King County prepare for and support the future of the wine and adult beverage industry as it evolves in the region.  King County supports wine and adult beverage businesses and recognizes the need to establish a strong foundation for moving the industry into the future. The goal is to add more clarity to the current regulations, which were adopted when King County’s wine industry was in its infancy. It is also a goal that the proposed strategies and actions adhere to the framework of the state Growth Management Act and ensure continued support the Agricultural Production Districts (APD) and for rural communities.   

The Public Review Draft is King County’s proposed response to the policy recommendations outlined in the report:

  • Nurture the burgeoning wine and beverage industry in King County;
  • Improve the interface of wine-related businesses with the surrounding communities; and
  • Honor the requirements of the state Growth Management Act and the policies of the county’s Comprehensive Plan as they relate to urban growth areas, farmland preservation, and to rural areas.

The response focuses on those recommendations that received strong or mixed support from the stakeholders.  The organization of the Public Review Draft follows the structure of the policy recommendations in the report, which are included and use the same numbering system.

The Public Review Draft addresses issues both specific to the Sammamish Valley and the original study area, and to the county in its entirety. For example, the proposed trail connections outlined in the report are located in the Sammamish Valley while the updated winery regulations will apply countywide. 

Next Steps:

 Public Review Draft Released  May 25, 2017
 Public comment period opens:
 May 25
Upper Bear Creek Community Council Meeting at the Woodinville Library  May 25 @ 7 pm
Bear Creek CSA at the Meeting Woodinville Library  June 5 @ 7 pm
 Public comment period closes  June 8
 Executive submittal to King County Council  June 30


Click HERE for the Sammamish Valley Winery and Beverage Study Public Review Draft

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