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25 Years of Growth Management
in King County


This year 2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA).  The GMA, adopted by the state legislature in 1990 and 1991, requires large and fast-growing counties and cities to collaborate and manage population, housing, and job growth.  Preserving the environment and protecting valuable resources such as farm and forest land are among key GMA goals.  The GMA calls on counties and cities to accommodate growth and create great communities.

King County has been remarkably successful in carrying out the GMA.  Since 1994 King County and the cities have collaborated to focus an increasing share of new growth within the designated Urban Growth Area where services can best be provided.  More than 97% of new residential construction since 2010 has occurred within Urban Growth Areas.  The amount of growth in Rural and Resource lands has diminished, allowing natural landscapes and resources to be protected for future generations.  More than 40% of the most recent housing and job growth is taking place in designated Urban Centers where transit service and connections can be provided.

GM_Award2-Thumb  In recognition of its achievements in Planning, King County has received VISION 2040 awards from the Puget Sound Regional Council, Smart Communities Awards from the Governor's Office and a Lifetime of GMA Achievement award from Governor Jay Inslee for successful efforts in implementing the GMA. 


Other WA State Agencies Growth Management efforts: