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Measuring Progress Toward Our Priorities

King County is committed to using data to provide a transparent and accountable record of our performance.

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King County Performance 

The Executive Priorities Performance Dashboard is a data-driven dashboard intended to help the public understand and evaluate King County’s progress toward each of our four priorities—best-run governmentequity and social justiceclimate change, and regional mobility—as well as other important King County work.

The data and metrics in this report are a combination of community-level outcome indicators and King County government operational performance measures. This information provides a transparent and accountable record of our performance.

The 2015 dashboard has been archived as an electronic report and is organized around the four executive priorities, each of which has several topic areas (represented as a tile) pertaining to the priority.

Scope & Data

The King County Performance Report includes performance measurement data, commentary, and information about the Executive’s four priorities. These details are drawn from departments’ data and strategic plans.

The data presented are generally for the previous five years. Where possible and applicable, target levels, industry standards, or other benchmark data are also included.

The King County Performance Report dashboard will be updated on a regular basis when new data is available, so that it captures the state of the county at any given time.

Next Steps 

The County is currently working on its next Performance Dashboard and plans to produce a report on the King County Strategic Plan in late 2017.


King County AIMs High 


For more information, please contact:

Priti Mody-Pan, Senior Performance and Strategy Analyst
Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget
Phone: 206-263-9735