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City of Maple Valley
Proposition No. 1
General Obligation Bonds Park and Recreation Facility Improvements

The City Council of the City of Maple Valley, Washington, adopted Ordinance No. O-16-604 concerning a proposition for park and recreation facility improvements. If approved, this proposition authorizies the City to construct, improve, develop and equip facilities at Summit Park and the Lake Wilderness Elementary School site, including constructing multi-purpose lighted synthetic turf fields and restrooms; construct an off-leash dog park, playground, skate park, and trails at Summit Park; issue $14,700,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within a maximum of 20 years and levy annual excess property taxes to repay the bonds, as provided in Ordinance No. O-16-604.

Should this proposition be approved:



The City of Maple Valley owns and operates park and recreation facilities, including Summit Park and property located on Witte Road known as the “Lake Wilderness Elementary Site” that have various capital needs in order to provide the City and its citizens with adequate, proper and safe facilities. Following the goals and objectives outlined in the City’s Parks, Recreation, Cultural and Human Services Plan, Proposition 1 authorizes the City to construct, improve, develop and equip facilities at the Lake Wilderness Elementary Site, including constructing multi-purpose lighted synthetic turf fields and restrooms, and at Summit Park including constructing multi-purpose lighted synthetic turf fields and restrooms, an off-leash dog park, playgrounds (and equipment), a skate park, and trails. Proposition 1 would authorize the issuance of $14,700,000 of general obligation bonds to be repaid within 20 years of issuance and the levy of annual property taxes to repay the bonds (estimated levy rate is $0.35/$1,000 of assessed value (e.g., $111.65 per year, or $9.30 per month, on a $319,000 home)).

Fields, Parks, Community Imagine having local ball fields instead of having to travel out of the area for practice and games. What would it be like to have a local off-leash dog park for your dog to socialize and get some exercise?

This bond measure gives us the opportunity to have all this, and so much more. The Two new park locations will serve our citizens for generations to come.

The advantages aren't limited to the much needed ball fields. A new skate park will serve our teens, the sports court can be used by both young and old to shoot hoops. The picnic shelter and playground will be perfect for family and friends to gather on a sunny afternoon. And, easy parking and access to the Cedar to Green River Trail gives people of all ages a place to exercise or take a stroll. Plus, our local businesses will benefit from tournaments being held locally in combination with Ravensdale and TSD. Unlike the other fields in our area, these will be city owned and controlled, so our community will always get top priority.

Please come out and vote to invest in our future. Vote “Yes” on Proposition 1.

Submitted by: Linda Olson,

No statement submitted.

Statements in favor of and in opposition to a ballot measure are submitted by committees appointed by the jurisdiction. No persons came forward to serve on the committee and to write a statement in opposition. If you would like to be involved with a committee in the future please contact the jurisdiction.

60% yes vote and a minimum turnout of 5,165 voters (Washington Constitution art. VII, sec. 2(b))

For questions about this measure, contact: Shaunna Lee-Rice, City Clerk, 425-413-8800,

TTY: Relay 711

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