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Completed – Spring 2006

In April 2006, King County finished a project to replace more than a mile of sewer line that runs through West Seattle's Lincoln Park. The 50-year-old line was damaged after heavy rains and high flows on Jan. 17 and Feb. 4, causing sewage leaks in Lincoln Park.

The county replaced the line after Wastewater Treatment Division inspectors discovered extensive wear and corrosion throughout much of the pipe.

Temporary pump system

To keep the system operating normally during construction, crews installed a temporary pipeline along the beach to carry wastewater from an interim pumping facility at Barton to Lowman Beach Park.

County crews removed the temporary pump system and the 18-inch-diameter pipe on April 28. The temporary pipe was flushed with seawater for a day or so to remove any excess sewage. Workers then cut the pipe into sections for removal. Other construction items, such as concrete blocks and sandbags, were also removed.

Most of the logs have been placed back along the high water line along the beach. The logs play a vital role in sand movement on the beach, and they also protect property from higher tides during storms.

After the temporary pipe was removed, the existing sand were re-graded. Additional sand was placed along the beach before replacing some of the logs.

King County inspected the beach in spring 2007 to make sure there are no changes in the normal patterns of sand deposition expected on this beach.

King County removed six truck loads of creosote treated logs at the beginning of construction. Creosote is a known environmental hazard for both people and fish.

King County worked closely with Seattle Parks and Recreation on the restoration of Lincoln Park  . There were a number of activities to restore the park to conditions better than before construction.

The trail was resurfaced with a permeable (allows water through) surface. This improves drainage and reduces runoff into the Puget Sound.

New vegetation was placed in areas disturbed during construction and additional vegetation was added where needed.

The City of Seattle is also working on projects to restore the park.

King County would like to thank the following agencies and firms for their hard work:

  • City of Seattle Parks and Recreation
  • Frank Coluccio Construction
  • Goodwin Pumps

King County would also like to recognize the patience and cooperation of our West Seattle Neighbors, especially:

  • Morgan Community Association
  • Fauntleroy Neighborhood Association
  • All of the residents along Beach Dr SW
  • All of the residents on Fauntleroy Cove

Heavy machinery on the beach completing the installation of new pipes. Click for larger view.

The beach, a few days after the pipe was installed. Click for larger view.

Neighborhood event

To thank community members for their patience during a three-month emergency sewer repair project in West Seattle's Lincoln Park, King County hosted a neighborhood event in Lincoln Park at picnic shelter No. 3 on Saturday, June 3, 2006, from 11 am - 2 pm.

Thanks for the Saturday picnic at Lincoln Park. The food was excellent. The trail along the beach has never looked better. All the workers my wife and I spoke to and asked questions of during the construction were very courteous and informative. Thanks for a job well done.

a West Seattle neighbor

People met Wastewater Treatment Division staff, enjoyed refreshments, checked out project-related park improvements, and learned more about the division's mission to protect water quality and create resources from the wastewater it treats each day.

In late April, King County completed a project that began in February to replace more than a mile of aging sewer line running through the park after it was damaged by heavy rains and high flows last winter, causing two short-term sewage leaks in the park and Puget Sound.

After construction, King County worked with City of Seattle Parks and Recreation on a number of projects to restore and improve the park, just in time for warm spring weather.

Neighborhood event – held June 3, 2006

To mark the end of construction of the Lincoln Park sewer line repair and provide community updates, county staff hosted a neighborhood event in Lincoln Park at picnic shelter No. 3 on Saturday, June 3 from 11 am to 2 pm.

Bert the Salmon made an appearance.

​Neighbors mix and mingle