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Coordinating with the City on redevelopment plans

Station property and project office on adjacent propertyThe building and property next to the Rainier Valley Wet Weather Storage facility that King County used as a project office will be part of a redevelopment planning process that the City of Seattle is coordinating.

Please see below for more information from the City about this process:

The Mount Baker Station Area has been the focus of several planning processes in the past ten years in which the Mt. Baker community articulated a vision for a thriving, diverse, sustainable, and affordable town center. As public-sector capital investments and private sector developments occur, there is an opportunity for interdepartmental collaboration to best meet the community’s vision and develop near-term recommendations.

In late 2018, several agencies (including Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development, Seattle Department of Transportation, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Sound Transit, King County Metro, and King County Wastewater Treatment) formed a partnership to work with the Urban Land Institute to convene a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP). The TAP is an objective team of seasoned professionals who will develop recommendations and identify next steps toward implementing the community’s vision. We expect to have more to share on recommendations and next steps in summer 2019.

For more information, please contact Qualin Hu at

Project update

February 2019

The new sewer pipe and storage tank are now ready to keep sewage and stormwater out of the Duwamish River during major storms. Thank you for your interest in the project and a big thank you to the patience and understanding of our neighbors who were affected by our construction.

We hope to see you later in the year for a ribbon cutting!

Exterior of the Rainier Valley Wet Weather Storage Facility

The major parts of the construction project are now complete. We have installed landscaping and are finishing up the last touches on the equipment inside the facility. The tank will be ready to store excess sewage and stormwater in time for the rainy season this fall.


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To learn more about how we installed pipe under Rainier Ave. S. without having to close the road for long periods of time, watch this video on microtunneling.

Project description

This project will keep sewage and stormwater out of the Duwamish River. A new sewer pipe will be installed near the intersection of Rainier Avenue South and South Bayview Street to send sewage and stormwater from a pipe that gets full during storms to another pipe that has more room. 

A storage tank at the intersection of South Hanford Street and South 27th Avenue will catch any remaining extra sewage and stormwater to keep sewage and stormwater out of the Duwamish River. 

New and reused pipe at S. Bayview St.New and reused pipe at South Bayview Street (  , May 2014)

new storage tank at S. Hanford St.Underground storage tank at South Hanford Street (  , May 2015)

Project schedule

Project scheduleProject schedule (  , May 2015)