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Project updates as of April 2019

Work was complete on the North Creek Interceptor early this year. We want to thank all businesses and residents who were impacted by this project for your patience.

Final paving in the Canyon Park Business Center will be done this summer. Restoration and wetland areas will continue to be monitored for at least five more years.

Past project notices, along with fact sheets, news releases, and environmental documents can be found on the project’s document library page.

Project description

The County has completed repairs and replacement of a 2-mile pipeline that has been serving the Bothell area since 1970. The new pipeline will increase system reliability and capacity to accommodate population and business growth in this portion of the service area.

Since early 2018 the new pipe has been carrying wastewater flows and providing increased system capacity and reliability. The new pipe was installed using both trenchless and open cut construction methods. The map below shows the different work areas and construction methods for the project.


King County began work in early 2015. Installation of the new pipeline was completed in early 2018. Final street paving in the Canyon Park Business Center will happen this summer.

Project area

Visit the construction page to view details of each project area.

Vicinity map for North Creek Interceptor ProjectVicinity map for North Creek interceptor project


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