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Facility construction begins in early 2018

King County’s contractor, Titan Earthwork, has completed site preparation and demolition activities to prepare the treatment station site for construction. Over the past few months crews.

  • Demolished and removed buildings and underground structures
  • Removed underground utilities, fuel storage tanks, and contaminated soil
  • Installed a new security fence around the project site
  • Graded the site to level the ground

View the King County’s demolition video to learn more about how we practice sustainability and environmental protection during construction!

Through a competitive process, King County awarded the treatment station construction contract to Flatiron West Inc. Major construction will start in 2018.

Learn more in our most recent project newsletter , and check back for more information.

What to expect between now and construction

  • Project team available to brief and update community groups, business owners, and residents about completed work and next steps for construction
  • Active information line weekdays, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., at 206-205-9286
  • Email updates as construction of the treatment station gets closer
  • Security fencing and erosion and sediment control/monitoring around the project site
  • Minimal equipment and activity on the project site

Demolition and site preparation is complete. Here are some photos of crews completing this phase of work.

excavate-underground-structuresCrews used machinery to excavate underground structures and contaminated soils.

contaminated-soil-removalContaminated soils were piled, tested, and hauled by trucks to be disposed of.

backfill-compactionCrews backfilled areas that were excavated and used machinery to pack down the soil.

prepared-gt-siteThe project site is prepared and leveled; ready for upcoming construction.


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